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  1. hey Randalla. when you mean running 34 or 36 degrees, do you mean on ignition..? are you sure your cam timing is good?
  2. Hey randalla. Thanks for posting Nice numbers... I'm particularly impressed with the amount of torque and how much of it you're getting low-ish with dished pistons... Must be a fun car to drive, without the hassle and the trouble and the gas money that can come with a turbo. Just a question, why do you have two sheets that show very different result? Like, what info does each present? S.
  3. Sounds stupid and basic, but have you checked basic timing? are you certain your injectors are giving enough (or not too much) gas? I forget if you have a O2 sensor. although, if it's not burning everything uip, the readings wouldn't be accurate. s
  4. Zcardude, let me know how that goes, and how easy it is to tune it (change the settings from stock to this one). I've been thinking of doing just that,... although I don't think tha's causing my multiple issues, so it'll have to wait.
  5. Gmorrone: yeah, if changing it fixed it AND it looked broken chances are that's what did it. Maybe it wasn't well stuck to the heatsink and couldn't evacuate all the heat..
  6. Zcardude: thanks for posting.. seems like you only need some fine tuning. nice job. Yeah, numbers are often not the whole story. if it`s fun to drive, then it`s good, whether you have 258 or 358 hp.. I just did some minor tuning on mine, and it went from total crap to almost total crap, and I'm very happy with the difference, so imagine a car that works properly.. If you do go back on the dyno after slight mods, make certain you post, it`ll be an amazing pre- and post- mod data.
  7. Hey guys. That's a hot topic.... Interesting. But i'll have to suggest ending the conversation for now to try to stay on topic. Although i have to say: On paper, such a piece of software, fed the right info, should be perfectly right. Unfortunately, while you might (or not) have fed it the right info, the programer might (or not) have made some mistakes... Gollum, what would be interesting is for you to follow up your post once you finalise your tune, and post again. OR, even cooler, if you eventually get your car on a physical dyno, make certain you share; it might totally change people's view and give us tools to dyno ourselves ( i.e. software dynos). In the meantime, it's important that people who share software dyno results spell it out... Gollum was right, the image did say it was from a virtual dyno, but i myself and too dumb to read everything and totally missed it (that does explain all the info about car weight and athmospheric pressire, which i found curious). Thanks, and keep those dyno sheets coming!
  8. Hey Gollum, NewZed. Thanks for this; just a few days ago, i was thinking the same but refrain from bumping my own thread.... So Gollum, seems that your numbers are similar to stock, but with about 30hp and 30 torques more than stock.... The block, turbo and head are stock, and the boost you're running is low (Stock low, or even less, i think stock is 7psi).. You've got better jnjectors but that doesnt add power in these circumstances, and same-ish for ignition (some hp, but not 30!).. So my question is where is he extra power comimg from? Is it the MN47 heads matched with the block and piston that give you more compression? And with the nice injectors and nice ignition set up, are you planning on giving it more boost eventually? Seems like your set up csn easily grt to 250-300 whp... Seb
  9. hey! one option, if you're not already done, could be to super clean them, (rust and all) and then clear coat them. that sould protect tehm and keep the natural finish. and extra shine, depending on what clear coat you pick. seb
  10. looks awesome... tell me, why is the rear feed zig zaging? is it some form of strain relief? s
  11. hey! again,., awesome build... quick question. while the panel beater is doing an amazing job, it`s going very slowly. I was wondering if this is some kind of side project for him in between other jobs, or if he actively spends a significant portion of his day on this... thanks! seb
  12. Wow. I keep email after email notification about my thread.... Thanks for all the posts, and gollum, again, you engine bay looks wicked... And the dash, well she might never win beauty contests but! I'd much rather work on your set up than any others!!!! And it's not ugly, it just has more function than form.... However! I must call things to order for a few posts! Gollum: you say i have a bip 373 installed already??? If i'd built it, i'd know it inside and out but not only didn't i build it, I didn't even orser/buy it (previous owner). I'll have to check it out, now i want to know where the bip 373 is at, and if it's set up properly (i'll see if the msextra manual calls for modifications or jumpers to make it work)... If we're (well, i'm) in business, i'll have to figure what the other wires conected to the ignitor module do, and if i can simply delete it all... Man, you've given me hope for a potential inexpensive fix... Well if the ignitor system is broken (for all my luck, it might be fully functionnal and my problem is something else). Ill keep you guys posted..... S.
  13. when you think of compression, it helps to think of how much boost you think you`ll need to achieve your hp goal. to get 300-350, you need something like 10-15psi on a t3-t4 turbo. so you need to think of how much compression you get can away with for that psi... 8.1 is PLENTY low enough for those numbers if you manage your gas well. I think mildly dished pistons gets you that. I`m pretty certain flat pistons get you something like 9.x CR.. you might also want to think of which turbo you`re getting. if you want too spool time and low rpm boost threashold, you need a smaller torbo. that would be great, but you`d have to take into consideration that smaller turbo create a bit more heat (bigger intercooler OR lower CR ratio) and run out of breath earlier, although if you`re building an engine that won`t see anything much above 6000 rpms, you can probably get away with a lot. I`d call a turbo shop (one of the big company) and tell them what you want so you can get an idea of what turbo you need and what kind of psi you`ll need at 6000 rpm to get 350 hp (maybe ask for 4000, so you have some margin of error, and room to grow). if you run on e85, or on a mix of gas/r85, some ECUs will adjust the AFR accordingly (maybe even boost level). running e85 will get you less detonation, so you can run higher boost/get more hp with it. this way, you can get e85 for races, and still get gaz anywhere if you`re simply cruising on the street. but I'm not certain MS has that yet..
  14. so, someone, a few months ago, asked me to post a photo of my MS2. it's been a while, but I just got one, after re-soldering a good 1/2 of my connector's wiring, some for fun (the guy who made it didn't do a clean job, I did everything I touched neat with shrink wrap and everything). here is it.
  15. yeah, man, even though it's been done to death, id'love to see how you fixed up al that rust and whatever else you've done to it. s.
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