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Database error when trying to reply

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I tried to post this last week but looks like it randomly popped up a couple of days ago, and without any of the post content. Anyone else having issues? This site has been unusable for me for the past week...




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I saw your original post, opened it, and noticed that there was no content.  Haven't had any problems myself though. 


Your post today is odd in that the thread  shows "started" three days ago, but doesn't show "edited" in post 1, even though you must have edited post #1.  Maybe that's a "Site Support" thing though.


Edit - Testing Edit...


Edit 2 - mine shows Edited.  Weird.  

Edited by NewZed

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I simply added a reply, no way to edit since there was no content in the first place. I suppose since there was no content, the reply shows as the original post.


I've tried multiple computers and browsers and am not able to reply to the thread I've been meaning to reply to: http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/127430-no-overheat-still-get-oil-cooler-for-race-car/


I get the same error pictured in my first post if I go through "More Reply Options".


If I simply press "Post", the Post and More Reply Options boxes disappear and are replaced with "Saving..." but it never actually posts. I've also PM'd SuperDan about this 3 days ago.

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Odd.  Maybe he has you on Ignore and that's what happens.  No offense.  I just posted in his thread.




Thanks for trying that. Wondering if it's some weird bug, I don't think there are any features in place to lock someone out of a thread. Blocking someone merely hides their comment.

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