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Alternator upgrade after probable rewiring

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I have a 1975 280z and recently bought an alternator for a 280zx. I went to install it and realized that the wiring and plugs to the alternator were different from what I was expecting.

This is the alternator that was in the car at the time of purchase:



This is the alternator uninstalled:



The new alternator has a T plug, which is what I believe should have originally been there:



This the plug that's in the car now:



anyone have any idea why the plug might have been changed? And how hard it might be to return things to stock?


I found this on eBay:



But can I just use that to convert back to a T plug even though it's been rewired?


Any help would be appreciated.

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Looks like somebody converted your externally regulated system to an internal system, with an alternator  more modern than a 280ZX's.  Maybe a Maxima or a GM alternator.  Should be easy to switch the plug for a T plug, just figure out which wire is S and which is L.


Might be easier overall though, to just replace the alternator with the same model that's in there now.


But, if the car is new to you and the alternator has never worked, you might have wiring problems.


Give a rundown on the car and why your'e replacing the alternator.

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I only had the car for maybe two weeks before I left the headlights on and the battery died. I jumped it, drive it around for a while but the the battery kept dying. The alternator was only putting out 12.4 volts (if I remember correctly) to the battery. I didn't test the alternator before any of this.

I would replace it with the same one as was in there but I don't know what it is. I looked it over but i can't find any numbers or anything. All i found was this:


Which kinda looks like the Datsun symbol to me.

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Take it to a parts store and make sure it's bad.  Then see if it matches a 1986 300ZX.  You might have to call ahead so that they can get one in for you to look at.




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Give an update when you get it installed.  Many people convert a 90 amp Maxima alternator but you have to change the pulley, and reiwre the plug.  An extra ten amps with just a plug rewire seems worthwhile and simple.


It's been described before but doesn't seem that common.

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