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  1. seiferzero

    Street Suspension 280z

    I haven't had the car for very long but from what I can tell all the suspension is original and stock. The only thing I've done is change the tires out to 215/55r16 General Altimax RT43.
  2. I've got a 1975 280z with a stock suspension. This is the only Z I've ever driven so I can't really compare it to anything but I feel like the ride is pretty rough. I can feel every tiny imperfection in the road and if I hit any kind of hole or bump at a good speed it feels pretty bad. It gets very floaty on the freeway. I've got it on 215/55r16 tires. I don't race it or anything so it's just for normal street driving. I looked around at a bunch of other forums and from what I read it looks like Eibach Pro Spring Kits rated at 150lb in the front and 175lb in the rear is what people are suggesting, with Tokico HP struts. I was wondering if anyone is running this setup and could maybe say anything about it like if it isn't too rough for just everyday driving. Or if maybe something new has come out that I didn't find and anyone had suggestions.
  3. seiferzero

    280z upgrade to a 300zx starter?

    Got the 280zx starter in over the weekend and it's working great!
  4. Yup, it was the brake booster. Replaced it and everything is good now! Thanks guys!
  5. And by MasterVac you mean the brake booster?
  6. seiferzero

    280z upgrade to a 300zx starter?

    Thanks guys! I'll look around for a 280zx starter and update when its in!
  7. So I have a 1975 280z that if I turn it on and let it sit it idles just fine, but as soon as I press the brakes it starts to idle very roughly and if I hold the brake down long enough without stepping on the gas it eventually just dies. Anyone have any ideas they could maybe help me with on this?
  8. Looks like the starter on my 1975 280z is going bad and before looking for a 280z starter I was wondering if there were any upgrades. I found another forum where someone mentions that a 300zx starter fits the 280z but it's an old post and no one ever went into detail or talked or asked about it after that one suggestion. I was wondering if anyone knows anything about doing this, would it just be a straight bolt on? Would it require any kind of rewiring? Should I just stick with a 280z starter? Thanks in advance!
  9. seiferzero

    Alternator upgrade after probable rewiring

    I got the 300zx alternator which was, in fact, an exact match. I just took out the old one, popped in the new one, connected the wires and looks like everything is working great! Thanks again NewZed!
  10. seiferzero

    Alternator upgrade after probable rewiring

    Thank you NewZed ! I returned the 280zx alternator and ordered the 300zx one. I have no idea how you figured out that's what it was but you saved me from doing something stupid and probably downgrading my car. Thanks a lot!
  11. seiferzero

    Alternator upgrade after probable rewiring

    I only had the car for maybe two weeks before I left the headlights on and the battery died. I jumped it, drive it around for a while but the the battery kept dying. The alternator was only putting out 12.4 volts (if I remember correctly) to the battery. I didn't test the alternator before any of this. I would replace it with the same one as was in there but I don't know what it is. I looked it over but i can't find any numbers or anything. All i found was this: Which kinda looks like the Datsun symbol to me.
  12. I have a 1975 280z and recently bought an alternator for a 280zx. I went to install it and realized that the wiring and plugs to the alternator were different from what I was expecting. This is the alternator that was in the car at the time of purchase: This is the alternator uninstalled: The new alternator has a T plug, which is what I believe should have originally been there: This the plug that's in the car now: anyone have any idea why the plug might have been changed? And how hard it might be to return things to stock? I found this on eBay: But can I just use that to convert back to a T plug even though it's been rewired? Any help would be appreciated.
  13. You're right, I'm thinking of going with a 225/55r16 now. Get some more tire under there, not sure if I can safely go bigger than that.
  14. Does anyone use this size tire 205/50r16? I have a 1975 280z with stock suspension and was wondering if throwing these tires on there they would fit and not rub when turning or anything. Thanks in advance.