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Replacement for 280z Tail Light Panels?

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What do people usually do for replacing/refinishing the tail light panels on a 280z? Mine are pretty thoroughly destroyed, cracked in multiple places and very brittle and porous. I tried to repair them by adding some bracing over the breaks and glueing them back together, but they just break somewhere else if you look at them wrong.


Does anyone have a source for decent replacement panels? I've seen used ones for sale as well as carbon fiber, but they're all a little expensive.


Right now I'm thinking of cutting a piece of black ABS to fit around the tail lights such that I can still use the chrome trim ring, but I'm not sure how it will look.

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$150 each seems a little steep to me, especially for 40 year old pieces of plastic that I can only assume would be just as brittle. At that price I could buy carbon fiber.


Does anyone make a fiberglass version that is cheaper, or will I have to try out my custom idea after all? I'm not going for original, just something that doesn't look like trash.

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