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Buying wheels once for stock & big brake upgrade

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I've searched the forums and found good info but hoping to sanity check my plan before pulling the trigger.


I've a stock 72 240Z 4-lug that in time I will want to upgrade to a big brake kit, probably the one from Arizona Z Car or others.


I have an immediate need to put new tires on the car but don't want to throw my money away.


My plan:

  • Buy 16's/17's rims with +25 offset and use a 4-lug to 5-lug bolt-on 25mm converter/spacer to allow them to fit. Probably XXR531s.
  • Looking at a tire size of 235/40/17 or slightly smaller if possible in a 16.
  • When I do the brake upgrade, the AZC kit moves the offset +19mm, I drop the convertor/spacer and use a thin 6mm or less spacer on the wheels.

This way I'm thinking that I can buy the new rims and tyres now, and then the only thing I'm throwing away or selling at the time of the brake kit upgrade is the convertor/spacer.


I do not plan to run flares, but from my research this set up should fit flush or within the stock fenders. I'm fine with trimming front valance if necessary and worst case rolling the fenders also.


I plan to run coilovers at some point and drop the car only enough to make it look right.


Thoughts from anyone that has been there and done that GREATLY appreciated.


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Can you push your budget and get the coil overs now?  The reason is that a coil over conversion will greatly increase the cavity for wheels.  I am running 16" 245 40's on all four corners on two of our 240Z's on a stock body with no flares.  I just upgraded my wife's 240Z with the Arizona big brake kit with the larger master they recommend.  On that 240Z I went with BC Racing coil overs which do not require you to weld in camber plates and are fully adjustable at a very reasonable price.  To me I would go with coil overs first, then rims/tires, then brakes last.

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Let me start by saying that the stock brakes are more than enough to stop your 240Z in any street situation if you're running the stock L24 with SU's which makes around 117 HP to the rear wheels. I use my car for track and street in So Cal.  My L24 has triple webers, lowered John Coffey suspension, coil-overs, camber plates, Toyota 4X4 front calipers up front (cost me $45 each at Pep Boys with a life time guarantee) and the Silvermine rear disc kit. My car has brakes for days and zero brake fade in 108 degree weather at Streets of Willow in June during 25 minute run sessions.  I run 15" wheels, 225/50/15 on the track, 205/60/15 on the street.  Just remember, the taller, wider and heavier your wheels are, the slower your car goes with that 117 HP.  Have fun!

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17's look a bit too big on a stock body Z, you do want to go above 14's to make sure you have adequate clearance so 15-16's are a good bet.

Running big spacers is not really recommended, quality spacers are going to run almost as much as a cheap wheel. If you are running a 5 lug conversion spacer and your future plans are to ditch the spacer, then your wheels unless they have a dual pattern are not going to work unless you convert to 5 lug which would be new hubs and redrilled or new stub axles.

I had not heard of the AZC kit pushing the the essential track width out. Maybe might be worth looking into T3 Or Silvermine for an alternative? They all run wilwood calipers.

I get your concern, but seems like you really haven't decided a route. You could pick a really common wheel that has good resale value if you are afraid of spending money twice and just plan on offloading them at a later date. The knockoff knockoff wheel like XXR tend do be cheap, but loose value in the second hand market.

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