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CD009 to RB25DET S30 Swap Q's

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Hey Hybrid Z! 

I am in the process of product procurement for my RB25DET swap into my 260Z 2+2. I have recently decided to snag a cd009 due to the price and the fact that it's a 6 speed and its abuse abilities. 

What is the process like for mating the cd009 to the RB? I understand cutting is involved but I see some images of a plate (collins) onto the engine then bolting the CD009 to that and I also see some images of cutting the entire CD009 bell housing off. I do not understand what is needed to be done to mate the two. Has anybody done this? If so could you shed some light? I know a custom trans crossmember will be needed. 


Thanks for your insight,


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I've done it to a SR20, which is the same process. You'll mill the bellhousing down about .375-.5 inches to account for the adapter plate. Then you'll use whatever RB25 clutch you want since input shaft splines are the same across both cars. The tricky part is the throw out bearing. Nissan's are very similar in the diameter of the bearing but tob lengths vary widely. The best place for specific answers would be Collins, as he offers the best kits for this swap. Good luck.

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