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  1. Good luck! please document if you can make it happen under $100 because i need a bead roller and cant afford the conversion / dont want to haha
  2. awesome stuff man! i need to make an airbox for my intake as well!
  3. Nice way to dig into this... Curious as I have a polly mount on my LS Z but only put about 30 miles and never gone above 50mph. Ill report back to you if i dont have these vibration issues.
  4. Ive got one! sent you a PM
  5. Nice call on the C7 fan! Its what im using Will keep their contact noted.
  6. Dude - your build needs more attention! Amazing job so far i cant wait to see it done man! Who is the contact that designed the rear end? Im currently a LS base build but will eventually add a supercharged and I know my Z31 CV's will take a shit
  7. Do yourself a favor, but the Inteiror Innovations and be done with it. I was held up on the leather and coat… pulled the trigger and LOVE the fit and finish for the price. It was not a hard process either! Long time follower and your work is top notch. I tried to hunt online for months for bucket seats, tried a few from other cars and they just didn’t look / fit right. So I overhauled my OEM seats!
  8. I hope it brings what you see the cars value AND plenty of smiles for the new owner! Heck that’s why we build these cars! Some to enjoy the build process, some to enjoy the finished product! Best of luck -Don
  9. Before you wire that switch direct to your Column and starter signal be SURE and 100% that your 12v+ while cranking also works for your ECU / Fuel injectors / Fuel pump signal. Many times this contact is shorted on the old ignition / key module. MSA sells a replacement for it as well.
  10. Do you have any spoilers fro a 2+2?
  11. Hey man, I used some 2" aluminum to mount it to the top and bottom portions of the radiator.... i would have like to weld side mounts to use the stock holes but I dont own a TIG welder
  12. You're not worried about chewing that transmission to shreds behind a LS?
  13. Depends on computer you will use.... I went DBC for a few reasons - I wanted to use the Holley Terminator X - $1000 model... So i went DBC - Cheap and reliable and can be make to look nice on the install. DBW would be amazing also for a cleaner look. If staying stock computer and your engine you buy has a DBW setup - run DBW. So long as you have the pedal and what not.
  14. Nice! I did the Tanks Inc. PA-4 for my LS swap. Love it! Nice and quiet!
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