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Japan 240Z model car

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While  in Tokyo, I found this plastic 240Z model car at a toy store.  Fairlady Z is what the Japanese called the 240Z.  They came with a twin overhead cam engine.  Also some had 

GT front end nose too.  This model car was about  $20.





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The 240Z is what we in the Export World called the Fairlady Z...
Only 417 of the Fairlady Z received the S20 DOHC, and they were referred to as "Fairlady Z 432...

There were Fairlady Z's, and Fairlady 240Z's, and for a short time before recall Fairlady 260Z's.

The Fairlady Z was the SOCH 2.0 Liter Japan Market only S30... Where it all began. It was a continuation of the Nissan/Datsun Sports Car Line started in the early days of the company, and which received the ""Fairlady"appellation in the 1950's in conjunction with the release of the movie "My Fair Lady"...

True Story.

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