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Well, I haven’t figured out how to post website pics from this iPad, but the most common power steering delete belt routing I see has very little belt contact at the crank pulley. And the belt is really close to the alternator bracket bolt. Too close for my comfort, when I set mine up like that anyway. I am planning switch to the Low Alternator Mount from these guys http://lsbrackets.com/category/alternator-only-brackets/ 

Another solution would be an upper right mounted A/C compressor like the one that JCI sells, but that doesn’t help much if you weren’t planning to run A/C🤡

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Yeah I had the fbody alternator bracket milled down to fit the vette accessories and the belt is close to the mounting bolt. Wasn't planning on running AC. I don't like the belt routing on the crank either doesn't look like it grips to well. May install power steering pulley for extra grip on the belt. 

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