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  1. Looking for brake reservoirs 70-78z
  2. Can you send me some pics
  3. Looking for side marker lights, the red & orange ones. Looking for oem ones don’t have to be new only need the lenses.
  4. Want to buy license plate light for series 1
  5. Yeah I’ve beven looking at azc brake kit also how do you like your set up, which front & rear kit did you go with Nelsonian ?
  6. $2995 can’t see myself paying that when there are other companies with great stuff like azc, techno, silvermine. The guys at Sema loved the z car garage brakes, but $2995.
  7. Z car garage has a brake upgrade is what the call it with great pedal feel with disc brakes in front & rear I seen there car at Sema the builder told me they did a lot of R & D and they have the best upgrade on the market for a 240z. When I called to get info they informed me you could only purchase the brake kit if they install it or if your a shop. Let me know what other info you may need and I’ll try and provide it. I think the cost is to high, but I understand you have to make a return when you spend money on R & D
  8. Just wanted to know if anyone is running z car garage brakes. They are supposed to be bolt on without using adjustable proportioning valve, and don’t have to upgrade master cylinder. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated thanks.
  9. Want to buy fiberglass headlight buckets for 70z. Also looking for rear license plate light.
  10. Seen an ad on craigslist Los Angeles there’s a clean set
  11. Dave can rebuild yours search here I’ll look and see if I have his info he rebuilt mine.
  12. Throw a cat on it that will clean up your co & hc's been smog going in Cali 20+ years
  13. I have a shifter from a t56 magnum
  14. Looking for a license plate light assembly for a 70 240 thanks
  15. I have one an original one pm me
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