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Wako 75S cam

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I came upon a site where you can pick up the cam. An old post said that normally this cam is normally not sold outside of Japan. The website showed the following, can someone convert it??


Nissan L Engine Wako Cam 75 S Cam Shaft 

Cam Lift 9.7 mm 

Valve lift 14.4 mm ~ 14.6 mm 

Central Angle: IN 101 degrees / OUT 103 degrees 

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I think I saw the same site.  From what I can tell the lift for this Cam is .575", but they're kinda voodoo about the overlap/duration. I'm sure it's pretty extreme. I saw a previous post that said even the odd stateside distributors won't talk about it and the only videos I've seen of it running doesn't show it idling. I'm sure with modern stand alone efi you could make it reasonably drivable, but it's definitely a hot Cam. Good luck. If you get one let us know how it works out. 

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