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  1. Currently contemplating my next move . I think a cam with more duration would work well with this intake . Need to take about .020 off the head surface to raise compression . Maybe cut it open and install some velocity stacks on top of those runners and make them a bit longer . Also have another head I’ve been messing with . Liners removed on this MN . Also have a friend that can 3D scan my combustion chambers and ports and give me some recommendations on how to manage these exhaust ports . Short side radius suffers without the liners . Maybe his computer program can find me some CFM
  2. That AFR gauge is a curse sometimes . I think I’m your build that I would want one . Even with my NA build I obsess over that damn gauge . I have dual exhausts and a O2 sensor in each bank and they can be off from each other as much a 2.5 pts . I guess it’s the way the air moves around in the plenum . I think you will have to just go to the rich side and be happy with that ?
  3. I appreciate your attention to detail. You are taking on a tough task of pressurizing those carbs . Can’t wait to see the end result . I thought about it with my Mikunis . I even had my MS3 running ignition with the carbs . In the end I chickened out - lol
  4. What idle rpm do you shoot for ? I let mine idle pretty high - 1000rpm. I figure it keeps oil on the lobe and easier to find a happy spot for the engine to idle . I use stepper IAC myself , and it’s been a challenge . Getting the idle to come back to the same spot every time with a big cam was also part of the challenge . I also think my 3/8 I’d hose is too small for this engine . I need to put a 1/2” since that what a lot of OEMS use .
  5. Thanks , I wish I knew who started the fab on this and wonder how they were planning to finish it. . Still impressed how well my n42 did with its smaller runners and pure log design .
  6. Update : new intake is on . So far so good . Still have lots of tuning to do . My power band did move up . I feel this set up allows more power at the top end . I have lost some low end at low rpm’s . I smacked my rev limiter ( 7500rpms) easier than before . It seemed like I was just beating on the motor at those rpm’s with the N42 intake . I think the TPS is screwing with me so my accel enrichment is not right
  7. That’s kind of the ideal offset . You want the positive off set for the rears. The minor rub in the front -if any - could be fixed with a very thin spacer
  8. You might actually get away without having to repair that with the big head bolt right there
  9. There is no best on HybridZ . And Dave has told me that it doesn’t matter much as long as you do better than the stock . He’s had good numbers with the Pace Setter header and that’s one of the cheapest you can buy. I’d say it’s slim pickings right now . I made 230 rwhp with my MSA 6-2 header
  10. Z Car Depot sells the strips that you can attach to your cards
  11. What is considered “ standard bodies”?
  12. Pretty good day for me . Got to help a buddy get his motor going and we went for a spin to dial some thing in with his Megasquirt . It was kind of chilly . Same day I’m there with him and I get a call that my intake is done . Can’t wait to let my engine breathe . New intake and exhaust header !!!!!
  13. There’s a guy running a MN47 without liners with good success (200+ HP L28) I’ve showed my MN without liners to a couple of machinist and they thought the flow wouldn’t be that affected . It does leave a big gap under the seat which I would like to fill , but that would be almost impossible due to location. The rest of the port can be smoothed out . It does leave a massive port at almost 38mm at the port exit from the head . I think the MN 47 is best left NA mostly because of its small chamber
  14. I think the liner issue for a turbo is fairly isolated. I have noted that there is a difference in casting quality from early liner heads and later ones. Look at a early n47 compared to a MN 47 or p79 . I have personally removed the liners from a MN47 and I see no way they would come out unless they disintegrated . They are extremely hard to remove . The later years have better casting supports for the liners to sit on and much better casting in general.
  15. You haven’t mentioned engine management . Maybe you could run 9:1 with mild boost if you had a way to manage it . Engine management is what you should do first
  16. I’m using them temporarily before I install rivnuts . It’s just easier to take apart with the sheet metal screws . I might keep some in areas I’m not putting my hands .
  17. I opened up the hole . I like the fact that the upper radiator will get air this way for sure . I tried to make a smooth transition top and bottom . I’ll close up any crevices when final version is done . Still plan on running the grill right on top of this . I want this to blend in
  18. The exit strategy will be the most challenging to implement - especially if you don’t want to alter the looks of your car . No ready to put a vent in the middle of my hood . I might consider vented access doors , but really not a fan of that look either . I think I might increase entry size by having a second inlet above the bumper. This would give a more direct shot of air to the top of the radiator .
  19. I would start swapping what you can . Injector connectors , injectors , coils .
  20. Yes- what kind of COPs? I run 42lb injectors in my 3.2
  21. That’s a tough one . Running a 3.2 and the n42 intake now . Did you do anything with the head when you had it apart ?
  22. After reading up on intakes and airflow I might eventually need to narrow the angle on the top to keep the air flow from getting too turbulent . I guess the bigger issue is the post flow . It would be nice to come up with a slick exit strategy that doesn’t blow the hood up
  23. Getting further along . Today I cut another hole - for the inlet . It seems small- maybe too small. I meant to make it 4” tall and it’s more like 3.25” . I also think where the fascia has landed I might actually be able to fasten the grill on top of it to keep it stick looking . I planned on blacking out the fascia to make it disappear in the background , but hard to say what it will look like once done . All I know is that no air is getting anywhere I don’t want - lol
  24. Made a hole today. Need to decide where to put the big hole out front
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