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Hello everyone. 

I have a '75 280z with mismatched locks. Have been trying to find pins (wafers) to re-key but it turned out to be quite impossible. Do any wafers from newer cars fit our locks? Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. 

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That was the first thing I did, but I haven't found a locksmith that would sell me some parts. 2 guys that I spoke with only wanted to rebuild/rekey for about $60 per lock. I have the locks apart and just need some parts, so $60 seems a little excessive when I see wafer kits for other cars being sold for $20-$25.   

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Hi Guys, The ignition lock has pins. The door and hatch have wafers. Trying to replace pins and wafers on old locks is false economy. The main part of the cylinder wears over the years with the key sliding in and out. Even if you replace the pins and wafers to match your key, the lock will still have wear in it possibly allowing other keys to open the lock. You would be better off just buying a replacement group of keyed alike cylinders off ebay or your local Locksmith. I have replaced the pin cylinder in the ignition of my 1976 260z with a wafer cylinder to keep all of my locks keyed alike. I have seen keyed alike kits on ebay.

I spent 30 years as a locksmith and trying to repair worn locks really is a waste of time and good money because they won't last.

Hope this helps.


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