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  1. Hi, That's the hot air intake and attached from the exhaust manifold to the bottom of the air cleaner. It redirects hot air the prevent the carbs icing up in winter (cold climates). The correct air cleaner will have a sensor and valve device which will mix the air drawn into the carbs at a set temperature to stop icing up. Also keeps the emissions reduced and stops condensation build-up in the valve cover. Cheers David.
  2. Enzo250gto

    250 GTO Owners Thread

    Looking good. Very impressive. Paint looks a million dollars.💰
  3. Enzo250gto

    Ignition Control Options

    Hi Lowrider, I will be looking for your results with the CB Performance Black Box. I got one sent downunder to Australia to use on a 240z. The original dizzy was stuffed so I found a good points Hitachi dizzy and locked it up internally and disconnected the broken vacuum diaphragm. The points were removed and replaced with a Hot Spark ignition module.(Similar to Pertronic). I have stalled on the project, so it will be a while before I can complete my setup. The price was good , and I liked the flexibility of the advance curve plus the use of vacuum advance all electronically. David.
  4. Enzo250gto

    Datsun lock pins

    Hi Guys, The ignition lock has pins. The door and hatch have wafers. Trying to replace pins and wafers on old locks is false economy. The main part of the cylinder wears over the years with the key sliding in and out. Even if you replace the pins and wafers to match your key, the lock will still have wear in it possibly allowing other keys to open the lock. You would be better off just buying a replacement group of keyed alike cylinders off ebay or your local Locksmith. I have replaced the pin cylinder in the ignition of my 1976 260z with a wafer cylinder to keep all of my locks keyed alike. I have seen keyed alike kits on ebay. I spent 30 years as a locksmith and trying to repair worn locks really is a waste of time and good money because they won't last. Hope this helps. David.
  5. Enzo250gto

    Does anyone have experience with these filters?

    Hi Derek, I read a report years ago that having the mesh screens on a race car engine only allowed dust and rubber particules from the soft compound racing tyres (as they degrade)from close proximity racing to be sucked into the combustion chamber and from the intense heat turn sticky and collect behind rings etc. From memory, there were pictures showing the gummy residue (mixture of dust and rubber). It was suggested the filters should be used to stop the bore being scratched and the residue build-up behind the rings. If I can find the article, I will post it. They mesh has a macho tough look to it, but I wouldn't turn the key on my cars without adequate filters. Regards David.
  6. Hi, Looking at you Adds as listed in the first post, to me it reads as Nissan parts. Maybe it's as simple as changing your add to read " will fit Nissan (whatever model)". or "suits Datsun". Just a thought. Wording of an add can change buyers perception. Hope you get it sorted. regards David.
  7. Enzo250gto

    Building an L28 (NA)

    Hi, Just a thought. If you are getting a spark at the plug and fuel is present, Check that the valve adjustment is correct. If the valves are not closing all the way you will have a miss on that cylinder. If the valve clearances are correct do a compression test in that cylinder to see if you have a bent valve that is not closing all the way. David
  8. Enzo250gto

    L28, Fitech Throttle Body Injection

    Hi Brent, Still haven't got around to firing mine up at the moment, but have some extra info for you. You have probably already onto this, but I will repeat it anyway for people not in the know. From FiTech: 1. The pressure regulator on the Fuel Command Centre (FCC) which the original instructions said to leave open on a normally aspirated engine is now recommended to connect to manifold pressure. This can be done at the Throttle Body or direct to the manifold. This lowers the fuel pressure when at idle and cruising conditions when high pressure is not required. 2. The PWM number is 75 which can be dropped to 40. This allows the computer to tune itself easier. Hope this helps. FiTech seems to be updating the system for easier use. Cheers David. (Enzo)
  9. Enzo250gto

    L28, Fitech Throttle Body Injection

    Hi Brent, Same here. Looked at rotating the throttle body but it was in the "too hard basket". It didn't line up easily with the Arizona Z manifold. Probably a bit of overkill but with the alloy plate and extra phenolic spacer, I should have maximum shielding for the IAC. Also the back set of throttles don't seem to open the full 90 degrees. There is something in the installation paperwork about not adjusting the linkages as they are set at the factory.
  10. Enzo250gto

    L28, Fitech Throttle Body Injection

    Hi Brent, I spoke to you recently on Auszcar about your installation. I have attached a picture of what I have done regarding the heat from the headers. I haven't included a picture of a thin stainless steel plate attached to the manifold bolts in the middle section where you have the excess heat wrapping but that is my first shield. Then is the alloy plate over the inlet manifold. Then a White Phenolic plate at 6mm which can be seen that goes back towards the valve cover. The throttle body is then placed on top. Gaskets are between the manifold and alloy plate/ phenolic plate/ throttle body. This allows a small air gap between plates. This should give maximum protection for the electrics on the back of the throttlebody from heat off the headers. Also the studs have been replaced with longer ones for the extra thickness. Regards David
  11. Enzo250gto

    Mystery hesitation under load, worsens over time

    Hi Mate, Check out the rubber diaphragm in the mechanical pump. If it has a small split it will still supply fuel at low rpms but get worse as you drive. As the split get bigger fuel starvation will get worse. Also check you oil and see if it smells of fuel. Regards David.
  12. Enzo250gto

    5spd front cover lip seal

    Opps!!! I stand corrected. Newzed is spot on. My brain wasn't switched on. ( I could say being from a land down under that I was looking at everything in reverse).LOL. I will delete my first confusing post. David.
  13. Enzo250gto

    5spd front cover lip seal

    Hi, First picture. Listen to NewZed, he is correct.
  14. Enzo250gto

    Why L28 Piston Deck Height?

    Interesting question. I recently installed an F54 block with a P90 head in my 260z. The engine had been rebuilt by the previous owner some years ago but had been stored. I wanted higher compression so I replaced the P90 with a refurbished N42 head. While the head was off I noted that the Flat-top P79 pistons were sitting above the deck but I didn't measure the height. (Looked to be only just above. I'm guessing 20thou). Felpro gasket installed. Once assembled the cylinder compression with some oil added to the dry cylinders was between 220-225 psi across the cylinders. Higher than I expected. Lucky in Australia we have 98 Ron fuel.
  15. Enzo250gto

    1973 240Z, L24 questions

    Hi Jamie, I misspelt the Business name (Mangoletsi) . If you go to the where to buy section all UK and worldwide distributors are listed. Have a talk to the guys at Jenvey and tell them your plans for the engine and get there recommendations. If I lived in the UK I would buy the Mangoletsi manifold and get the Jenvey boys to set up the throttle bodies and linkages for me. I would definitely go with the Heritage series so I could have the old school carby look with EFI technology. I have a 2.9 litre L28 with all Datsun Spirit and Kameari components waiting to be assembled when the head is completed and this is the way I will be going for that engine. For simplicity on my existing engine which is a L28 with flattop pistons and a N42 head with 72 degree camshaft I have an Arizona Z 4 barrel manifold and FiTech throttle body with The FiTech fuel command centre suppling the fuel. Talk to Datsun people and get a firm idea of the direction you want to go with the engine and car and work out your budget before making any major purchases. Good luck David.