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Clutch master

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Looks like I will need to swap my clutch master on my stock 76 280z.   The plan in the near future is to LS/t56 swap. I I as wonderful omg if there is a clutch master I can swap in now so I can drive it as is and then reuse it with the swap?  Will the tolton 7/8 Work? 




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You got to slow your roll. Your kind of all over the place. 


Replacing the clutch master is something that takes a couple minutes at most and is quite simple, not something you really need to consider now. If the stock 5/8 master does not move enough fluid you can step up to a whatever unit will. Looks like some kits use a 3/4 master, those are available from tilton or wilwood. Stepping up to a 7/8 unit now will mean you are pushing a lot more fluid through the line. At best that means you have a fluid hard stop as you push down the pedal. At worst that means you blow the clutch line or blow out seals if you have the pedal adjusted incorrectly or continue to push against the fluid hard stop.


Also please take a minute to proof read your post. "I I as wonderful omg" can be confusing when you mean "I was wondering."

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