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  1. Does anyone sell just the front section of both the drivers and passengers side ? I’ve been looking all over google and just find the full length
  2. I’m trying to spend as little as possible for it to pass inspection because I’m ripping the drivetrain out i have turned the screw out until the engine sputtered and died. It took a few quarter turns for her to start and stay running and I left it like that ..... is there anything else else I can do to insure that I pass my co2? Octane booster? Which kind? Also a known problem i and the orevious owner had was backfiring. If you hold the throttle at a constant 2-3k rpm and let go you will get a nice size exhaust backfire. Will this effect co2. Is there anything I can do that’s free to look at this (besides testing coil) thanks
  3. Hows it going guys can you tel me what screw I’m supposed to be adjusting ?
  4. EDIT. RE-soldered the switch wires. Works now How’s it going guys I’m trying to get my headlight switch to work correctly. I got the parking lights to work but just in the second position while the headlights are on. I took it apart cleaned up all the contacts , I’m just trying to pass inspection Does anyone know how to wire a toggle switch to just the parking lights ? Or an easy no cost way of fixing this issue ?
  5. Need a headlight switch for my 76 datsun 280z
  6. Looks like I will need to swap my clutch master on my stock 76 280z. The plan in the near future is to LS/t56 swap. I I as wonderful omg if there is a clutch master I can swap in now so I can drive it as is and then reuse it with the swap? Will the tolton 7/8 Work? Thanks
  7. Damn. Either way I see a lot of fab in my future. Not sure I’m inclined enough many idea if the swap kit on that site will work for a s30?
  8. Do you do that before you leave your house going to get inspected or once you are there and fail
  9. There’s one problem fixed I know it’s off topic. But do you guys have any info on troubleshoitingvthe parking loghts(side markers )
  10. Delaware is horrible no one knows anything. I’m going to have to argue that one out wih them. Do you have any way you can help me pass the co2 test without dropping a bunch of money into it ?
  11. Oh I was under the assumption that they didn’t come with onenunless it was in CALI
  12. 1976 datsun 280z. Not in Cali needs to pass an idle test. Did this year 280 come with a cat? They wrote on my fail sheet no cat and no muffelor . But I was under the assumption I didn’t need a cat (will install muffelor ) Looks like I failed O2 by a little bit. drove the car 20-30 mins to inspection station. Filled with 93 octane. I know I have a bad air regulator( can change but am told that’s only for cold start). new spark plugs / old oil , old wires, old filters. I just need to get this thing to pass and then I will be doing a motor swap so I don’t want to sink in a lot of money. Can anyone help me out
  13. If you we’re dead set on going with a solid rear axle on a 76 280z. What is the best way to go about it ? It doesn’t look like anyone sells any kits for this to make it into a 3-4 link suspension Many info would be greatly appreciated
  14. NEEdto make a decision soon on what I’m going to do with my rear. Long term goals are BIG HP I don’t want to keep breaking axles. That’s why I’m thinking 4 link. DECISIONS DECISIONS
  15. Got it. Also found fouled spark plugs and a broken aux air regulator
  16. I could really use an auxiliary air regular
  17. I could really use an auxiliary air regular and injectors but I’m in Delaware. If shipping was a possibility
  18. I was under the assumption that it would actually start with the starting fluid for a few seconds but it doesn’t even do that. So I’m really not sure
  19. Update. Still not starting. I wanted to make sure Iwas back at square one again so I sprayed starting fluid in it and as long as I’m cranking the starter and pedaling the gas I’m getting popping likenit wants to start and as soon as I let off it dies. The fuel pressure gauge I bought doesn’t work for this application so I can take check the pressure but I knownim getting fuel to the rails the attached video is at the tail end when im sure the starting fluid was all but finished. It doesn’t start at all. Just pops. I think it became flooded after this because it doesnt even pop at all like it wants to start. I was told the cold start injector would flood the engine/plugs 7759C1B5-1E17-44DC-AD73-BE1E5E934190.MOV
  20. Just replaced that back filter with a brand new duralast one. I also took the fuel line off the hose after the fuel filter up top and I was getting fuel pouring out but didn’t verify pressure. I would have at least a sputter or something even if fuel pressure was low right ?!
  21. Confirmed that test last night with the neg coil and the ground test. The injectors indeed where firing. I just wasn’t sure if that confirmed that they were getting the pulse while actually trying to start under normal conditions Also rang out all 6 injectors terminals on ecu connector and they are were getting voltage. I know I have fuel, I know I have spark and I know I have air and she doesn’t even sputter or try to start.
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