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So, i am biting the bullet and getting ready to hide my car expenses from the wife for the winter. Meaning, I want to rebuild/build my engine.

I'm sure the question has been asked a bunch before but I am looking for a cast (hypereutectic) piston to stuff in an L28. I have no need to go forged, I want to keep my engine speeds below 7500 with peak power happening right around 6500 and I am naturally aspirated.  So it is hard for me to justify $800+ for a set of forged pistons

I will be overboring my N42 block, oversized 81zx flat top pistons are only available up to 87mm bore. Also the only ones i find are ITM? Quality is in question? 

Is there another option that i am missing? 


thanks for your input guys. 


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Funny, had the same situation 2 weeks ago (including hiding receipts from wife).


ITM seems to be a good choice. There are some people here that have them in track cars and they seem to work well. 


Might consider forged if this is a race car, if you are constant at 6000-7500 then forged might be good.

The MSA/Zcardepot forged ones sticks up a little more than the P79 specd pistons, at least that is what forum posts say. There is also DSI but they are very expensive but can be made in any size (86-90mm). But if you are spending $800 on something that might give you issues you might as well spend $1300 on something awesome :)


 It's very attractive to get a set of 89mm DSI pistons, but requies an expensive headgasket (felpro is only 88mm). 87.5mm is a budget blance...

I have heard that the DSI pistons are just rebranded Kamaeri, so might be able to get them cheaper. Not sure how much DSI adds in profit.

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Fair enough franky240z,


their cast kit is even cheaper at $770+shipping, same as forged from ross racing by the way. I wonder if you can select your pin height, their advertised pin height is 29mm. With a stock L28 crank you would need the FJ20 rods to make it work.... additional 800 or so... 


I've been through the ringer on this. boring out to 89mm bore if you don't have a stroker crank will just get expensive. Even used parts from yahoo japan are pretty expensive.


https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/x567154406 FJ20 Rods

https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/b336457926 89mm pistons


I have heard stories of great deals on engine parts but i wonder if i'll be so lucky

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