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Dellorto DHLA 45M Blow-Thru carbs

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I've done a lot of reading here about the old triple carb blow through set ups that people drove around in back in the day.


Seems that the consensus is that however much you tuned them there was drivability issues. However these set ups were usually with Mikunis or Webers.


I wonder if anyone tried the carburettor that Dellorto developed for the Lotus Esprit Turbo, the DHLA 45M, as this is the only true turbo carb.


They had what was called the 'tri-jet' system, which as well as an idle and main circuit, had a power jet circuit for extra enrichment at high revs.


I am hoping someone has used them and could give some insight on how the drivability was.


I originally thought that a DHLA 45 could be converted into a DHLA 45M by using the 45M gasket kit and machining the body to accept the spindle seal retaining washer. However a call to Eurocarb in the UK told me that it just makes them pressure proof- the carb will still not have the power jet feature that the 45M has.

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The 'power jet' may be a bit overated.

VW's for years here in the USA used converted Dellortos with the spindle seals and special emulsion tubes that enrichened under boost.


Which may be the 'power valve' they are referring to... I haven't seen a 'power valve' or see where they would even put it in the body.


Send me the diagram of the 45M with the valve, I'd be interested in what it looks like and how it was fitted.


The drivability problems I'm convinced are a byproduct of sh*tty plenum design. My mikuinis were flawless (er... as carbs can be...) with one plenum design. When I made the plenum smaller, drivability problems resulted.


The VW's I worked with using Dells were always very drivable, same as my original Mikuini Build. I even got a set of DHLA's when I found them, so I could replicate my VW experiences on a Z. That never happened, EFI came along, and made it a non-starter (er...excuse the pun!)


sharkie73z AT yahoo DOT com


You will get the HKS photos this evening when I get home from the office, if the lighting holds out!

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The photos are 16MB, if gmail accepts that much, I can send them from my work e-mail to you ace.

Otherwise I will cut the message in half and send two.

I got to rush to the house to cut up a tree laying on my cars, and hten pack for Louisiana and an emergency job at Marathon Refinery in Garyville.

I'll check in when I get the time and forward as appropriate.

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