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Project Fairlady z

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Quick intro and some history on me and my Lady.

Name's, Angel. This my second Z, my first one being a pile of rust held together by bondo and a shiny paint job. Lesson learned there. I was looking for a Fairlady for a few years with no luck and not enough money, it was merely a wet dream back then. Until one day i saw this car for sale and recognized it from a z meet I had attended as a 15yr old. I immediately Emailed the gentlemen (since he listed no phone number, just an email and said he'd reply back to those interested) And impatiently waited for a reply. It took several emails before I got his number, I felt like I was being interviewed (which turns out I was) and then finally he agreed to let me come see the z. The car drove great considering she had sat for quite some time, I was immediately in love and had to have it. I didn't have high hopes though, because what i could afford was about half of his original asking price, but i figured it wouldn't hurt to try. And it didn't! Luck was on my side and, Bob being an older man, told me money wasn't as important to him as finding a good owner for the car, one who was interested in the car itself and not trying to make a profit on a quick flip. He wanted the car to go to someone who was in love with the car as much as he once was when he first purchased it, his only reason for parting with it was the fact that it sat too low for him and was taking a toll on him climbing in and out of it. We made a deal and he held the car for me, never even accepted a deposit from me. It took me a little over a month to get all the money together, then i was on my way to pick up my Fairlady!  :D




Fast forward a little bit and now we're here..




Okay well I'm starting this in hopes to maybe motivate myself a little better in moving forward with this project.

She is a 1973 Fairlady z, I bought her about a year ago and daily drove her for about 8 months, when I started realizing the rain here in florida wasn't helping the small rust she had, I decided to not drive her anymore and park her until I fully restored the car. Well, I actually managed to get a personal loan from my bank to just about completely cover the cost for everything I wanted to do on the car, body and wheels wise. I found the shop that was going to do my work and all that remained was getting my hands on a nice g nose front end. The week I found the front end and was making final arrangements with the seller, murphy's law kicked in. I received a phone call from my mother that my father was involved in a nearly fatal accident in Nicaragua, And that it didn't look like he was going to make it. Without much thought, I called my job got the leave and hopped on a flight to Nicaragua. Upon arriving there i quickly realized it was a very serious accident( long story short my old man got hammered and tried to beat a 18-wheeler around a mountain bend, the semi won.) but it wasn't long after being there that the hospital staff starting going after my pockets, so the $8000 loan i had taking out to restore my z never made it back to the states with me. But the old man lived, and wouldn't have without all us pitching in money, so i suppose it went to good use.

Now, my dilemma. I have a z that needs a restore and minimal money. This is when I decided to do anything i could myself in the restomod to save money. 

All work will be done in house by me unless otherwise stated.


Here are pics of how she was when I was daily driving her, I almost feel stupid for ripping her apart cause she looks so clean in the pics, but the rust needed to get addressed.


This is actually pretty cool, its a brand new japanese wrench set that was never used brand new just sitting in the rear compartment.

And these were some of the rust issues that concerned me the most
passenger side frame rail
random rust spots on under carriage

Floors seem solid but that rail is pretty bad from battery acid leaking onto it.

This is her in the current stage, I don't have recent pics. but all glass is out along with most of the interior dash etc. all removed. i found quite a bit of rust underneath the front windshield and underneath the rear window on the hatch. Hatch will most likely get tossed but the windshield tunnel will have to be patched. Most of the white paint has been peeled off. Literally it was so brittle that it came off with a scraper.(the random black spots on the body are rust stopper, I applied it on any surface rust that was found)

So this is it for now, I'll try to post any updates. Keep me motivated guys! Between working full-time and college this car has been neglected.

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1. You know that family is important.

2. You are working a full time job.

3. You are in college.

4. You are only 21.


Compared to most of the people I meet, at your age, you are way ahead of the game.


It may take a little longer than you would like, but you will finish this project.

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A few small updates. i was welding wrong, instead of doing a bunch of tack welds to put in the new metal i was doing full bead welds, which was producing too much heat. obviously why i kept staring a fire. Aside from that the rear suspension and drums are all pulled along with the gas tank. My brother is sandblasting the suspension components for me, when i get those back i will post pics. Hopefully i can start making more progress now since I'm done with my classes for the time being.

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well first things first..... what i've been up to the last few months thats kept my mind off the z........


My 05 zx10r trackbike ( aside from my z, motorcycles have always been a passion for me. So it was a long overdue upgrade from my 600 to a 1000 :D )






Working on my brothers 08 zx10, completely ignoring my baby sitting in the background patiently awaiting me.




And then we have my newest project........ A 1966 Honda cb160. She is in horrible shape and needs a lot of work. But i got her from the original owner with only 7,548 original miles! :o


Current stage.





And the cafe racer make over i plan to give her. ( same concept, different color scheme )





But no worries, i've swore to myself that i will not drop a penny into her until my z is finished.


Now. Shall we get back to the Z?


Okay this is her closest current stage. About to remove drivetrain and front suspension.





Drivetrain pulled.

( Thats me by the way, in the white. )





Interior. Or whats left of it. ( anyone know the color code for that factory blue? Might respray original color. )




All my Z's guts....




Misc. parts. ( putting my brothers 50th a.e to good use, lol )




Donor hood. Being chopped up for any useful sheet metal.




Taking a break from helping my brother tune his bike.




contemplating leaving or welding shut the upper quarter badges..... (black spray paint is only to prevent bare metal from rusting)




Well thats it for now, i just bought a new needle gun. So i'll be attacking the undercoating with that, and welding in new metal should start this tuesday. I'll try and keep this thread updated from this point forward.

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Well thats it for now, i just bought a new needle gun. So i'll be attacking the undercoating with that, and welding in new metal should start this tuesday. I'll try and keep this thread updated from this point forward.


Looks good so far! Try using the needle gun with dry ice...it goes even faster.


On a side note I'm jealous off all the work space you have.

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I read about that on your thread.. but my question is, can it be done on jackstands? ( since i never got around to building a rotisserie ) how would i be able to use the dry ice on the underside? I've never used dry ice myself but i have seen someone use it in their car, but it was on the inside so he just put all the ice inside the car.


And yeah the space is nice, i originally had a 1 car garage when i fist started the build, then moved to a 2 car garage. But after a few months i decided i wanted a tad bit more room. That way me and my brother could pull in our bikes and have somewhere to work on them. So then i just got the 3 car garage. And I'm very happy with it.

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Nice dude, and honestly not at all man. Mine is the only one that i know of anywhere near me. And thanks bud, but tearing all down at once has its downfalls. If its not that bad i would suggest doing it panel by panel, my car has almost been down for a year now, its a lot at once when you do a full teardown

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My poor z is still sitting. this thread saddens me... hopefully we'll see some updates soon. Work and school full time havent left me much time. However i'm the process of another z build that i will hopefully finish soon, once i finish his i will get back into working on mine

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I need motivation my fellow z'ers!! Still have a crazy schedule that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon so that means I have to make time whenever i have it to work on my z. So hopefully if all goes well ill try and start working on the frame rail this weekend and pick it back up from there. Slowly but surely.


If you see this thread not updated bump it up! Harass me! Cause I will see the email update and it will

Remind me to get my butt back in gear!

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Back from the dead!!!!! I should switch the name of this thread to the zombie build, haha. 

ANYWHO... Its pretty much been a year since my last post, buttttttt i do have some updates  :icon10:


I had to downsize my work space to a one car unit, so i figured this would be a good time to start working on her again.


My Fairlady as i moved her to her new home









After accommodating her into the new space it was time to decide my next move. The following morning i started calling around getting qoutes for sandblasting, i found a guy, talked some numbers and struck a deal!  :icon54:


On her way to get stripped





Turns out i still had a lot more things in the engine bay than i thought, so i headed to the sandblsters and got to work on pulling EVERYTHiNG that i could remove. This included booster, master, clutcth matser, steering, harnesses, brake lines, fuel lines... yeah, pretty much everything.


I will be either overhauling and refurbishing the booster and master or just ugrading to new & better parts. We'll see what my pockets allow.


Here's the bay stripped of all its guts






After finishing with the bay i went ahead and removed the doors for complete teardown & removed all remaining interior.








Well, thats it for now. She should be fully sandblasted and primered by tuesday so stay tuned for updates from here on out!  :cool:









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Alright, so picking up where I left off even though I'm not sure anyone keeps up with this thread. Here she is while she was being stripped.

Finally and very long overdue she is down to her original state

Driver side wheel well and frame rail were perfect, actually there were no surprises period on the whole car.



Gotta love the short vin.

Now onto the passenger side (battery side) there are some issues from leaking battery acid.. Nothing to crazy though floors are still solid.


And then on went three coats of epoxy primer.


Well that's it for today, I'll try and update more within the week.

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