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  1. I paid for my set wednesday and am supposed to receive them the third!
  2. I have the stage 4 front kit and it is a great set up for the price! He is an easy seller to work with also.
  3. If I recall correctly they are 93.0mm
  4. I'm looking for a set of 1990-1994 Infinity Q45 pistons. Please let me know the price shipped to 89141
  5. Payment sent at the 5 person rate. If we hit 10 people please refund the $25.
  6. Worked like a charm! Thanks for all your work.
  7. Since the update I am unable to upload pictures. If I click on the image icon the screen goes gray and locks up. Anyone else having this issue or am I just missing something? Tried it on my Mac and PC.... both do the same thing.
  8. Since my last post I have installed the passenger side header, MSD spark plug wires + insulator socks, driveshaft, transmission mount, and the sending units for the Autometer gauges. I have also been stripping unneeded wires from the body harness and installing the chevythunder.com harness. I will do a post dedicated to the wiring once I clean up the install. MSD 8.5mm super conductor wires with adjustable angle boot on the spark plug side + insulator sock (ordered on amazon): Fuel pressure sending unit with Metco adaptor for fuel rail (http://www.metcomotorsports.com/proddetail.asp?prod=MFF0001): Water temperature sending unit + adaptor: Oil pressure sending unit + adaptor:
  9. only 3 more to hit 10 buyers...... you guys know you really want to jump in!
  10. I modified the stock tank and in retrospect I would have just used a universal tank or fuel cell.......room for duel exhaust and less expensive.
  11. How does the BRE spoiler mount and is the one MSA sells?
  12. Looking good. Which company did you order the harness from?
  13. I would like these bulbs please: 5000K (pure white)
  14. I'm in with the HID upgrade. For those of us not super "light savvy" what is the difference between 4,300K, 5,000K, and 6,000K?
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