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  1. If I recall correctly they are 93.0mm
  2. I'm looking for a set of 1990-1994 Infinity Q45 pistons. Please let me know the price shipped to 89141
  3. Worked like a charm! Thanks for all your work.
  4. Since the update I am unable to upload pictures. If I click on the image icon the screen goes gray and locks up. Anyone else having this issue or am I just missing something? Tried it on my Mac and PC.... both do the same thing.
  5. Since my last post I have installed the passenger side header, MSD spark plug wires + insulator socks, driveshaft, transmission mount, and the sending units for the Autometer gauges. I have also been stripping unneeded wires from the body harness and installing the chevythunder.com harness. I will do a post dedicated to the wiring once I clean up the install. MSD 8.5mm super conductor wires with adjustable angle boot on the spark plug side + insulator sock (ordered on amazon): Fuel pressure sending unit with Metco adaptor for fuel rail (http://www.metcomotorsports.c
  6. I modified the stock tank and in retrospect I would have just used a universal tank or fuel cell.......room for duel exhaust and less expensive.
  7. Looking good. Which company did you order the harness from?
  8. ok. So then I can disregard the charge wire (white/red strip) that attached to the L-series alternator.... so long as I run the LS1 alternator charge wire to the positive post on the starter, then onto the positive batter post. Per the second post of this thread: http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/77180-ls1-alternator/page__p__734448__hl__%2Balternator+%2Bwires+%2B__fromsearch__1#entry734448 Thanks for all the help.
  9. I figured out the answer to this question. You use the Black + white strip wire for the PCM connection because it has power with the Z ignition in the "on" and "start" position. I still need help with what to do with the white wire (from the z body harness) that is by the starter solenoid wire.
  10. yes z ignition switch wiring and body wiring harness. The wiring is for a 1973 240z.
  11. I've read a lot and PM'd a few people with questions regarding wiring my LS1. I've appreciated the help as wiring is the part of the build I have been least excited about. Off the ignition switch I have two wires that get power in the "start" position. One is green with white strip and one is black with a white strip. Why are there two getting power and does it matter which I use to give that signal to the PCM? I believe the PCM needs a ignition on signal and a start signal correct? I'm also confused about the white wire that is by the black/yellow wire that give the start
  12. Good luck! There are a lot of good build threads on here to help guide you.
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