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  1. WTB Fresh Air Elbow, 240Z RIGHT SIDE
  2. Fixed !! I ran a new #2 ground wire from the left front Head to the left chassis . Thanks for all the help
  3. I have checked everywhere but behind the dash (what I can't see). I guess I'll be pulling the dash out soon
  4. I thought it might be the regulator but I disconnected the alternator and had no change. I will double check the fuse box connections. I install a new fuse box with the bladed fuse . Thanks guys
  5. Hi, I'm out of ideas !! I need some advice on what is making my gauges go nuts. I finished my car for the second time . First time I got 10 good years out of it. Make a long story short I have been driving the car for the last three months everything is good . Than about a week ago when I let my clutch out my gauges go nuts. Its only in forward gears not reverse. I have gone through all the connection and grounds,14 volts at the battery ,unplug the alternator and they still go crazy, I disconnected the cable X box still no change. Also the stereo turns on and off. If anyone has any idea
  6. So I bit the bullet and shimmed the hardest side to access about 1/8 ". That was enough to give me the the clearance I needed . Thanks for the help.
  7. Same balancer and mounts . I was looking at shims but not wanting to pull the motor right this moment I was looking into changing the balancer to a truck style it sticks out quite a bit more .
  8. Hey it's been a while since I posted anything but I was hoping to get some help . I finally wore out my LS1 so I pulled it and had it rebuilt along with the tranny . So I go and install it and I happen to see its now hitting on steering . The Harmonic balancer is just hitting it !! but its rubbing I tried to lower the tranny but it didn't help . I am using the old John's kit . Everything it the same . Please chime in on how to fix it or what might have changed I'm baffled. Thanks in advance
  9. I'm putting a new dash harness in my 73 and there is one plug I can't figure out . The plug has a yellow and yellow/red wire ,it's up by the speedo .In the shop manual page BE2 it's #1 "switch element" . Can someone please tell me what plugs into it ? Thanks
  10. I like the intake just fine. I also installed LS6 heads and cam,90 mm throttle body,30lb injectors,high performance timing chain, ported the oil pump. If I did much more I think the car would start to come apart.
  11. Well to answer your questions .It never runs hot and I have no AC (yet). I did install electric windows because when I have the harness on I couldnt reach the window crank. So I put the switches in the console .LoL and Grumpyvette its a LSD from a 88 TT Z .I thought it said that below my name : ). The only thing I would have done different is went with coil overs instead of tokiko springs and stuts. I might still do it someday . but for an everyday driver it holds its own
  12. Well its been about 2 years since the LS1 swap. The car is driven on an average of 150 miles a day to work a day. I by no means baby this car. The video is not the best but I think it shows that the LS1 swap is awesome http://album.hybridz.org/data/509/myz2.mpg
  13. I think you could find it cheaper than 40 bucks and trust me you will wish you had bought it sooner. It is a most for anyone doing it for the first time
  14. I just installed the same injecters (30 lb) on my LS1. At first I thought the same thing they wouldn't fit. But I was pushing them in to far. Slide them in just until you see the first little cut the clip goes in. Then put the clip on. Hope that helps
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