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  1. do you have pics of the whole car? its like my dream Z for real. EDIT- my bad didnt see the cardomain link... im dumb.
  2. it looks to me like he primerd the whole car to prevent surface rust from begining on the bare blasted metal, which is proper as long as he goes back and cuts all of that ♥♥♥♥ out.
  3. if your planning on repainting id do all the bodywork over the gaps and then take a cut off wheel and go through all of them, that will keep it all lined up nice.
  4. if hes talking about the getrag 6 speed then it wont be at all cheaper then the WCT5 or T56.
  5. when ever i get my project underway im planning on modifying my rear bumper to not wrap around the side of the rear, because thats what really fucks up the lines of the car.
  6. you make a hole in 1/8" lexan with a lighter, its as good as having no windows at all really, but if ur not in a high risk area it would most likley be fine.
  7. are they considering that 383s these days? 383 is 4.030 x 4.00 no?
  8. black top, silver sides... great idea.
  9. i dont want to have to do the same work twice, if its worth it to dish out the 1800 for the t56 then i might have to do that, if thats my only option. i really dont want to get stuck someone for pushing a t5 to hard ya know.
  10. what part of north carolina? im looking for a good condition first gen Z to do a swap on, if you see anything with little rust in fair shape for cheap please let me know. -Vin
  11. thanks ill look into it, i read somthing about the world class t5 but i still wasnt conviced it was stong enough... im not gonna say i beat on my stuff, but i will push things rather hard once in a while, id like to know i could take it down the track a few times without having to worry. ill do my homework on the T5 though, if anyone has any links with good Info please feel free to send them my way.
  12. yeap, took your guys advice. just got my copy of the conversion manual from summit, they sent me a hat aswell. (whats funny is my friend just orderd a full exhust and all he got was stickers, i guess summits expecting me to send a buncha money there way with this book) im about halfway through (believe me id be done with it if it wasnt for these pain killers putting me to sleep, got a tooth pulled today and it wasnt a pretty site) i have to ask your guys advice on the trans though, it says here that the T5 is only good for people running close to stock 350s, expecting to ru
  13. obviously search aint workin out to well for me, i cant find ****.
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