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  1. WTB Fresh Air Elbow, 240Z RIGHT SIDE
  2. Fixed !! I ran a new #2 ground wire from the left front Head to the left chassis . Thanks for all the help
  3. I have checked everywhere but behind the dash (what I can't see). I guess I'll be pulling the dash out soon
  4. I thought it might be the regulator but I disconnected the alternator and had no change. I will double check the fuse box connections. I install a new fuse box with the bladed fuse . Thanks guys
  5. Hi, I'm out of ideas !! I need some advice on what is making my gauges go nuts. I finished my car for the second time . First time I got 10 good years out of it. Make a long story short I have been driving the car for the last three months everything is good . Than about a week ago when I let my clutch out my gauges go nuts. Its only in forward gears not reverse. I have gone through all the connection and grounds,14 volts at the battery ,unplug the alternator and they still go crazy, I disconnected the cable X box still no change. Also the stereo turns on and off. If anyone has any idea
  6. So I bit the bullet and shimmed the hardest side to access about 1/8 ". That was enough to give me the the clearance I needed . Thanks for the help.
  7. Same balancer and mounts . I was looking at shims but not wanting to pull the motor right this moment I was looking into changing the balancer to a truck style it sticks out quite a bit more .
  8. Hey it's been a while since I posted anything but I was hoping to get some help . I finally wore out my LS1 so I pulled it and had it rebuilt along with the tranny . So I go and install it and I happen to see its now hitting on steering . The Harmonic balancer is just hitting it !! but its rubbing I tried to lower the tranny but it didn't help . I am using the old John's kit . Everything it the same . Please chime in on how to fix it or what might have changed I'm baffled. Thanks in advance
  9. I'm putting a new dash harness in my 73 and there is one plug I can't figure out . The plug has a yellow and yellow/red wire ,it's up by the speedo .In the shop manual page BE2 it's #1 "switch element" . Can someone please tell me what plugs into it ? Thanks
  10. I like the intake just fine. I also installed LS6 heads and cam,90 mm throttle body,30lb injectors,high performance timing chain, ported the oil pump. If I did much more I think the car would start to come apart.
  11. Well to answer your questions .It never runs hot and I have no AC (yet). I did install electric windows because when I have the harness on I couldnt reach the window crank. So I put the switches in the console .LoL and Grumpyvette its a LSD from a 88 TT Z .I thought it said that below my name : ). The only thing I would have done different is went with coil overs instead of tokiko springs and stuts. I might still do it someday . but for an everyday driver it holds its own
  12. Well its been about 2 years since the LS1 swap. The car is driven on an average of 150 miles a day to work a day. I by no means baby this car. The video is not the best but I think it shows that the LS1 swap is awesome http://album.hybridz.org/data/509/myz2.mpg
  13. I think you could find it cheaper than 40 bucks and trust me you will wish you had bought it sooner. It is a most for anyone doing it for the first time
  14. I just installed the same injecters (30 lb) on my LS1. At first I thought the same thing they wouldn't fit. But I was pushing them in to far. Slide them in just until you see the first little cut the clip goes in. Then put the clip on. Hope that helps
  15. Thanks for all the nice compliments. Sorry I didn't get back sooner but Pacbell wasn't being friendly.(phone line down). Here are some better pics. http://forums.hybridz.org/vbgarage.php?do=view&id=12148
  16. Well I painted my primer hood. Put the flames back on it and changed from silver to a candy blue fading from silver. Pictures in the garage .Almost done with it and was done in my driveway between rain storms lol. http://forums.hybridz.org/vbgarage.php?do=view&id=12148
  17. LOLWhat is it ? It doesn't even look like a Z : )
  18. Yea taking the pan off wasn't too bad ,front two bolts were alittle tight but not bad. The pan I got from the local GM dealer was 270.00 or so and was a snap to put in. It had the gasket. all the extras and even new bolts. Joey I had a skid plate but I didn't like the way it turned out. But I'm thinking of redesigning one. PS I am picking up my hood today. I finally got my friend to paint it and shoot the flames on it. So no more getto primered hood lol
  19. Well on my way to work this morning via Hwy 4 (two lane hwy with bumper to bumper traffic) Next thing I know there is an electric motor or maybe it was a power steering unit right in the middle of my lane all I could do was straddle it !!! Well that didn't work lol. Long story short $340.00 dollar later . All fixed
  20. Very nice Dale!! Let me know if you want to unload your LS6 intake
  21. A carb would be going backwards in time. It would be a total waste. IMHO
  22. Go to court plead not guilty. I don't know Texas law but in California if its a radar ticket there has to have been a valid speed survey with in the last 5 years.You can get that from the city offices. I have beaten my last 4 out of 5 tickets just by going to court and giving the judge reasonible dought (sorry for spelling errors its eary) good luck
  23. I've done both swaps and the LS1/T56 has made my car 10 times what it was with the SBC. I'm going to dyno it the week. LS1 is little harder swap but it is worth the work.
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