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  1. 76116 1 XL Blue short sleeve t-shirt 1 XL Black Hoodie
  2. congrats! keep up the great work on your car!
  3. 280zcar could you post up more pics of your install? I'm looking into buying this same unit and any info/pics would be very helpful
  4. tx240z

    ford 8.8 in a 240z

    ik this is an old thread but... do you have any updates??
  5. doesnt sound like it was too bad of a deal.you cant touch a ls1 motor/trans combo for under $2500 in DFW.you can have the codes scanned at most local part stores,so you would know why the CEL/CG lights were on.
  6. tx240z

    LS V8 Swap Wiring

    this company makes a nice cheap harness http://www.psiconversion.com
  7. tx240z

    LED Dome light replacement

    any pics of the led interior light at night?
  8. tx240z

    How to mount them there ZG Flares

    any feed back on zforceproduction.com Wide BAMF ZG Flares?
  9. tx240z

    Sealed Beam Conversion

    do you have any pics of the projectors with hids on the road at night?
  10. wish i had the money for a set of projectors, they look sweet!!!!!
  11. tx240z

    Body Shop Referral

    any good shops in the DFW,TX area
  12. tx240z

    LH8 PAN

    the lh8 pan is good for truck swaps so you might try selling it on a truck forum
  13. tx240z

    MSA type 2 kit 200$ i want this gone

    i was just wondering bc shipping is the same rate from the z store if you buy 1 piece or the whole kit
  14. tx240z

    MSA type 2 kit 200$ i want this gone

    would you be willing to ship it?it would be shipped to 76116, thanks