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  1. Thanks, it's a really nice stretch of road. Sulio
  2. Overnighter down the coast to Apollo Bay in Victoria. Sulio http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=b8GrEgd1CfE
  3. Not Webers but just in case someone is looking for 40mm DHLA Dellorto info on settings my progress sheet to date. Sulio Tripple Carb Info Sheet - updated 28 May 2008.pdf
  4. Yer, I was just going to install an LSM11 Bosch Lamda sensor and use a local kit I can buy for $60.00 that provides LED display for AFR. I updated my spreadsheet just in case anyone was interetsed. Cheers, Sulio Tripple Carb Info Sheet - updated 24 May 2008.pdf
  5. Looks good! http://www.viczcar.com/forum/index.php/topic,2229.msg16746.html#msg16746
  6. Hi Guys, Thanks Gareth, yep also posted on ClassicZ. I'll see how I go over the coming week as far as getting them running as per book. Thanks for the links also fellas! Cheers Sulio
  7. ...updated sheet. Tripple Carb Info Sheet - updated 31 March 2008.pdf
  8. Hi Guys, I've installed my tripple DHLA40L Carbs recently. The motor is an L28 and in need of a rebuild in the near future, perhaps 6 to 12 months away at this point so I don't want to blow a heap of money getting them professionally set up on a dyno until after the rebuild. In the mean time I thought I would get them running as well as I could. My L28 is stock with elec dizzy, headers and 2 1/4" pipe with a hot dog and turbo flow muffler. The engine idles ok atm however running extremely rich. I've been using the Des Hammill book "How to tune Webers & Dellortos". Anyhow I've attached a spread sheet I hope to build on as I fumble my way through the world of tripple carbs. Please advise me of your tripple set up and have a look at my info todate correcting anything that might sound off. I know there are alot of variables depending on engine set up and driving style when it comes to tuning tripples but I'm just trying to get to a start point and then keep fine tuning. I hope to keep some mid range power rather than have a car that has to be driven around at 5500rpm every time I go down the street. Cheers, Sulio Tripple Carb Info Sheet.pdf
  9. The Targa Tasmania is an event held once a year on a southern Island State of Tasmania in Australia. Some of the guys from www.auszcar.com recently had a week long trip to the area finishing with a track day at Symmons Plains race track. Video below: ...ah and the artical one of the guys wrote about the week with pics! http://www.viczcar.com/Event-News/Tassie-Tour-2008-12th-February.html Sulio http://au.youtube.com/watch?v=wwSuc5um1Sw
  10. My current set are 3 piece ROH Venturo wheels in 17 inch. 17x8.5 (-6 offset) for front and 17x9.5 (-19 offset) at the back. 5-6 weeks to be made. I think tyres are 225x45 front & 255x40 rears. Pics of past wheels I've had also.
  11. Hi Yasin, the bulk of the cars in viczcar would be S30's. I don't think the 280ZX in Australia is very popular as they were only offered here as 2+2's. Not many z31 turbos' here either. I think all the australian deliveries were n/a. It would be nice to have access to L28ET's in junk yard like in the US but oh well, we do have alot of RB25 / 26's available here so thats proven a popular conversion for the old S30! Sulio
  12. Yer these sticky pods work great. We had a couple of them with three cameras all up. Sulio
  13. Thanks, guys. JSM it was about 25 deg C on both days up there, perfect Z cruising weather!
  14. Hi Guys, We got away for the weekend up to one of the mountain ski resorts which in summer is amazing driving. Link below to the artical and video. http://www.viczcar.com/Event-News/Mt-Buller-Cruise-2007.html Sulio
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