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  1. I'm in the early stages of designing a water to air charge cooler for my RB Z and was wondering if this idea I got, concerning the water cooler, was good. Just want to know if there are any drawbacks about it. I wish to use a BMW 335i stock intercooler as the water cooler. (I'm a tech at BMW dealership and can get these for free from the body shop when they replace them on dammaged cars) The idea behind this, is that the front mounted cooler would also use the end tanks as the water reservoir, this way I would'nt have to add an extra tank under the hood. Thanks fo
  2. Hi, just came accross this link while on the NEHA forum. Lots of good restoration pics. Great source of inspiration Just tought I'd share... http://www.mat.fi/n_index.php?nav=gallery&gallery=13
  3. Ok, it's that time of the year again... WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORIT WINTER TIRES AND WHY?? The car is an E46 330i with 17" Lookinf for something like 205/50/17 Thanks.
  4. It's a bit late, but I finally found what I was looking for. My question... The answer... Thanks Zzeal for your input.
  5. Any other source than Zedd findings for floor boards?? By that I mean any other source than "Showcar bodyparts" EDIT: Bah! nevermind... After looking at many "floor board" treads, I finally concluded that: 1- People make their own or 2- If they don't, they use Zeddfindings's. So I guess the easiest and quickest way to go about it is Zedd findings floors + BadDog rails.
  6. Perfect! Thanks for your inputs guys!! Roaster it is then. Will post pics as work progresses. But for that... I first have to start lol. I'll also post pics of the rotisserie build. Thanks again for the help.
  7. That's a good one... But seriously... I think it even might have been you OR JMortensen (I just can't remember who )who advised me against it. I remember, I was asking about inflatable casters for the roaster, so I could push it outside for blasting, and someone replied something like "I would personally wait after blasting to put the car on the rotisserie" I want to know why it's unadvisable... Looks like a pretty good way to clean up the worst part of the shell, no? Flip it on it's side and soda blast the bottom... Thanks again. Alex.
  8. Hi, a few years back, I asked a question about mediablasting the shell on the rotisserie and one of the old time, well respected members advised me against it, but I can't remember what was the reason. I tried to search my own posts and the forums for this reply and can't find it... Can someone tell me why I should'nt? Thanks.
  9. I was watching some "Tail of the dragon" vids on Youtube and came across this one... If you look at 2min. 10 sec., you see a blue S30 with white stripes At 5 min. 32 sec.you see a yellow one, but it seems to be an S13 with S30 front end on it. Any one on here are the owners???
  10. I'd go for an RB24DE set-up, it has almost the same displacement as the 25, since the 25 is in fact 4.xxx L. and the 24 is also 4.xxx L., but will rev higher (so I've read.) cause of the shorter stroke. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nissan_RB_engine#RB24S http://www.meggala.com/nissanrb3css.htm
  11. I paid $2000 on ebay, cause I couldn't find a clean one for a decent price around here, drove this far with my car and a friend to go get it, and came back driving the car and him driving mine. The owner was kind enough to leave it registered until I get home, so it'd be easier for me at the customs
  12. Nice, I like the v mount. You have any pics of the front body work?? Curious to see what a Z looks like with a V mount intake and output... Looking good, keep it up.
  13. Pick 'N' Pull, the KA24de is a very stout engine, it was first designed for the Nissan Pick-up and was used, here in North America, in the S chassis, cause the American public prefers low end torque over high end power. You can get the engine from earlier model nissan Pick-ups and Pathfinders and first gen. Altimas. except the Altima is FWD obviously. The good thing is, they are next to free, since everybody drops them for the SR or RB or VQ or even VH now... The frame rails, right where they curve up along the base of the fire wall, especially on the exhaust side. Due to a poor
  14. Hey Raf, i know it may sound far-fetched, but it might be something we should look into... I, in my apartment, have enough room to store plenty of engines. If the demand is there it might be a nice little business opportunity "as a sideline".
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