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  1. think its about time for an update. the chassis is almost done, car should be 100% complete in a few months.
  2. hey cyrus, i started a new forum specific for 2jz swapped cars, trying to get a member base built up. check out www.2jzpower.com and sign up if you would. thanks
  3. updates!! update on the chassis. I know switched to ALL-RACE and decided to have the chassis made to 25.1e NHRA specs. Pics of the progress:
  4. cool. do you have a compressor map on the 2540's? or what are they good to as far as RWHP?
  5. Wow, I didn't even know you were having problems. I wish you a full and speedy recovery.
  6. your build sounds very similar... cool stuff, i saw some videos of your car here before i'll keep this thread updated
  7. I am looking to run 8's in the car, and depending on the final weight, possibly high 7's
  8. originally i was planning on keeping it streetable, now, with the backhalve, high stall converter, and the fact I am probably going to need a funnycar hoop (cage around driver area since the car is a convertible) I am going to rarely drive it on the street. In pennsylvania, as long as you have a muffler, headlights, tailights, wipers, turn signals, etc. and drive it under 5k miles a year, it is emissions exempt and road legal. The car is still in progress, will run it spring 06
  9. its backhalved now, so I will have plenty of traction with big *** slicks pics lots more pics here
  10. How's this for a first post: I am building a street legal drag car here in the USA. About 6 years ago my car started out as a bone stock, non-turbo, 300zx convertible. I bought the car with plans to convert it to a slightly modded twin-turbo car. Well, that happened, and it wasnt enough, so I put in a built motor with a large single turbo on the VG30DE(TT). Well, that turned out to be not enough yet again, and now I am putting in a monster of a setup. I gave up the .4 liters of displacement for an outstanding rev-range with the RB26. I was wondering if anyone in australia has used a GT47 on their built RB26... if so, power levels, spool, etc... My motor is going to rev out to 12,000 rpm, so I should have plenty of powerband. Car information: 1. Modifications List 2. Project Pictures 3. Link to project cars overview page 4. GT47-80 Turbo Specs Some pics:
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