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  1. Hey Justin. I forgot to check the track when I was at the shop this weekend but I'll get it soon. The car is about 44 inches from top of the roof to the deck and as for the tires I'm thinking R6's. I just have to have an identical set if rims built.
  2. Yea from the pic it looks like they can be swapped, but they have larger custom inner flanges so I can't screw that up. Good news though. The guy at the shop is going to build custom outboards as well so hopefully this will no longer be an issue. On a different note I wanted some feedback from you all on my spring rates. I was thinking of running some 425 fr/ 375 r instead of the 550/500 combo. The present rate is just too high and too stiff. The springs almost total the vehicles present weight. What do you think?
  3. I removed the pass side and noticed something interesting. When this all began and I first got the shafts they were built using the factory outer hubs. I cleaned out the excess grease and saw that the stock retaining nubs are almost wore down. Now regardless of the overall length of the cv's once the vehicle builds up enough rotational speed the inner tripod bearings are just walking past these nubs. This in turn is causing the shaft to break apart. I do think the car must be raised up but the diff has been raised in the chassis and centered with the outer hub. I feel the only way to fix this
  4. The diff is a R200 with a Kaaz two way center section. The cv shafts are custom from "the driveshaft shop". They are based on the 280ZXT style with 300M shafts and custom inboard cups. To tell the truth I have had nothing but problems with this mod. I should have just run a Subaru, Jag, or Chevy system. I talked to the guy who built the shafts today. I sent him some pics and discussed the issues. He still swears that I have too much travel, bad geometry, or misalignment. I have checked everything more than twice and the shafts have got to be short. Quite a few of you guys have some high output
  5. Thanks a lot. The mirrors are from HRP world, they are small and shaped much like a motorcycle mirror. The body kit is a Reaction Research 280YZ that I changed a little. I have a write up and pics on cardomain if you want to check it out. As for the shafts they did the exact same thing as before. I took some time off from the build and neglected to test fit the repaired shafts untill a month ago. They were too long and would not even mount in place. I just got them back a week ago and checked everything before installation. The compressed length looked good but they must still be too short. I'
  6. Hey Jon. Good to hear from you. Well, the spring rates (550fr/500 rear)are too stiff after driving it for sure. The ride height will also need to be raised up a touch. As for the CV's they worked great on the dyno run and for the three quick little test spins untill this afternoon. The right side broke once again. I'm at a loss. I don't know how to proceed. The shop that build them has got to have an answer.
  7. I thought the Scarab kit was the way to go until I first drove my car with that heavy V8 hanging way over the crossmember. A lot of these worries about cooling, transmission fit, and header clearance are just not that important. If you want to build a fun street car and not an all out drag racer move the engine back as far as you can. Use aluminum heads, intake, and electric fans. It is lighter than the stock staight six. Take my word for it you will regret not doing so because it will sacrifice the balance of this car. You don't have to go as nutty with your build as some of us but do move th
  8. Hey all. I haven't been keeping up with my fellow Z heads in a while. I started my own shop and things have been going real good. Super busy you know. I've been talking to a NASA rep that lives in my town and he is very impressed with my work. I hope to get on as a designated build station in northern Ca. Anyway I just wanted to catch you all up with the build. The race engine is complete, I took a little more weight out, built a new splitter and air damn, and added some custom headers. My buddy took this vid of the dyno run on Friday. I was very happy with the result. Check it out.
  9. Top notch man! The car turned out great. Good job
  10. Yes, the wrong length. I'm not going to bad mouth the quality of their product, I just wanted to now if this was a common error. I did check out that post. Man, what a beefy looking set-up. I heard the stock 230 diff and shafts can handle well over 450+ from the factory.
  11. So Mark, Stony neither of you guys had problems with your half-shafts? I questioned being able to recommend these guys to anyone else after my run in.
  12. The shafts were built by the DriveShaft Shop. I was told that they are the guys to go with for custom stuff. I'm sure they usually do great work, but not this time around. The shafts are approx 15 inch long with stock outer cups(reconditioned), center shaft is 300M, and the inboard has custom slipers that allow track adjustment for slicks. I chose the Stage 2 upgrade which rates these around 600bhp/torque. They are originally from a 81 280ZX Turbo with the R200 diff. The outer stub-axels are custom built from Moser Engineering via Modern Motorsports. As for lowering, the Z has been dumped down
  13. Thanks guys. Now that the shaft problem seems to be sorted out I feel a little more energized about getting back on it. This should be enough time to finish up the Z and get it more streetable before the weather goes completely south. I will post some pics and a full run down of the car when it's done. jh
  14. Yea it's the GT240 in black primer. It is still runs...but at present no half shafts due to breakage. My buddy caught it on video and posted it online.
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