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  1. Did a bit o' work today, meant to just clean up a bit but ended up being out there for about 3 hours making a mess. This happened... Because the rail was crooked and also, this: These are not what I would consider 'good' welds Mr. Previous Owner. Also cut out where the floor meets the outer member because it was rusted. 1x1" tubing will go in its place. Big ol' hole now. You can also see the awesome exhaust in this picture. Mocking it up for measurements: Thats all for tonight, almost cut my finger off.
  2. Not fine as in I'm not going to touch it, fine as in most Z's in Wisconsin are either nearly this bad, or weak enough that I would have replaced the rails, floors, ect. anyway. As the title states, this is being built as a Ratsun. Partly because when I bought it, there was a horrific smell that turned out to be a rotting RAT in the spare tire well, maggots and everything, and partly because this is not going to be a high dollar show build. It's going to be built to be abused and the exterior appearance will remain ratty at best. That said, the front end is getting new rails (obviously) some new sheet metal, and reinforcements for the TC buckets and top strut mount. Surprisingly the bull horns are in decent shape.
  3. Only cell phone pictures unfortunately. As far as the rust, it's fine. Unless you are willing to spend more than $6k you will be doing floors and rails anyway. I didn't want anything nice to begin with, it would have just held me back from chopping this thing up the way I want it.
  4. Long time lurker turned builder. This thread will be slowly updated and the build may not be the most interesting, but I'd like to share/document. I've used this site for ideas and daydreams for about 8 years, so thanks everyone! My canvas is a 1970 series 1 240z with period modifications. Today was the first day I actually started work on the car, previously I was just trying to get the car running a little better by cleaning and rough tuning the carbs. I started by removing the previous owner's attempt at making a floor.... This left an even larger hole in the floor, perfect for cooling you down on a hot summer's day. The floors were cut out when I bought it and 2x3 frame tubing welded from the TC bracket to the rear rails. Unfortunately the rails were not even close to level, so that had to be fixed. One side almost leveled, but the floor and main frame rails are just the beginning... Time to save up a bit to buy an engine hoist.
  5. If you're looking for cost efficient buy a honda or toyota. I totally understand you not wanting to put much money into the car, but then you should put time into the car by fixing the rust yourself. At the very least just sand/cut the rust out and spray-paint over it for a temporary fix. I could fix the rust and paint your car for about $650-700 if you were near me.
  6. Amazing! Love your car, looks like a fun project too! Keep us posted
  7. wow. just went through the whole build. really amazing!
  8. very clean swap. what suspension mods have you done?
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