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  1. I believe those came from a '95 Q45. Look up what years that era of Q45 was built, and that should give you an answer.
  2. Also - a little refresher, the cups are the part that comes stock off of the Q45 CV axle assembly. When "they" say that you need to buy 2 Q45 rear axles to do this swap, it is specifically to just rob the "cups", "races/balls", and the inner race. So to buy new cups should not be too big of a search.
  3. The car was previously mine. The axles are indeed from MM and if you look on their website you will see if you click on the R230 CV adapters there is a dropdown selection that says - YES - I DO NEED CV AXLES. A 400$ option on top of the 515$ adapters.. The Q45 axles are about 2 feet long, no way they would work in a Z car... I would put my money on listening to RB26powered74Zcar and doing the spacers.. looks like he used around 3/8" thick material for a spacer. With these cars sitting at a lower heighth I believe that the parts that they sell to mount these R-230's is not sufficient. It seems as though they are almost made to fit a stockish ride height. Another possible solution would be to drill new holes in the rear mount, and maybe re-fab the front mount that I built in order to get the rear back in line with the hubs, althought ground clearance may be an issue.
  4. I'm working 1.5 hours away from home, sometimes 7 10's. I dont have the time to finish it, but I do have the time to put it back to the N/A setup that way I can DRIVE THE CAR lol, it's going on 2 years that it has been sitting with brand new suspension, brakes, rear end setup, cage, interior stuff, new tires.. the list goes on. At this point i dont care if it has a freaking honda B18 in it, I just want to enjoy the car like I used to.
  5. No, draw it! ONLY if you share the end result on here lol
  6. Well everyone, the turbo setup is for sale. Its a complete setup ready to install and drive. MP T-76 Q-Trim Vband 1.00 a/r turbo seimens 60lb injectors tial 42mm wastegate tial q bov all drain and feed lines all piping complete with 02 bungs and wideband bung cheapo intercooler with all silicon fittings Hallman MBC Everything is 2-3 miles away from brand new. $1500
  7. :/ All is well, Just wanna learn to drive it with the new suspension/brakes/rear end before I go making it stupid fast.
  8. Ive abandoned my Turbo setup on my lq4 For some reason, and I have nearly everything you will need, for sale. Ill sell you the whole setup for one hell of a price and save you a massive headache. I have a brand new master power t76 q-trim, brand new tial q bov, new tial wastegate 42?mm, brand new seimens 60lb injectors, all the piping and fittings you would need and an intercooler. Its a 99% complete setup, you'll just need fuel pump, and map sensor. Let me know!
  9. hey, I was just wondering what the specs were on your wheels and tires. Looks like you fit a lot of tire in the back.

  10. hey, I was just wondering what the specs were on your wheels and tires. Looks like you fit a lot of tire in the back.

  11. Hey, thnx for the add bro. BTW your Z is my inspiration, lol.

  12. He said it broke on the 1-2 shift.. every time I broke a stock axle back with the N/A setup, it was on the 1-2 shift.
  13. They're the 17x9 front and 17x9.5 rear - Rota RB-R's from the Rota group buy thread, just takes cutting out a LOT of fender for the flares, and some $$ in suspension work to make them fit the way they do. Before the suspension it looked like a monster truck LOL it was scary..
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