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  1. Motorizing my Bead Roller- I decided to put a Electric Motor on my Woodward Fabrication Bead Roller after I discovered that manual bead rolling requires another person to turn the crank. It was impossible to turn the crank and guide the sheet metal into the bead roller at the same time. I attempt to motorize my bead roller for under $100 so anybody afford to build one too. The biggest expense would be the low speed but high torque motor. Fortunately, I found a old Super Winch which was about 20 years old off of a Honda ATV. It had a High Torque
  2. Exposed, I have several Woodward Fabrication Tools-Manual Tubing Bender, Tubing Notcher, Shrinker/Stretcher, Hand Shear, Dimple Die set and assorted small tools. Their tools have better quality than Harbor Freight and are good for home craftsman. Practiced on some Aluminum with the Dimple Die Set. I hope to use the set on my Z maybe in the engine compartment or interior. Toolman
  3. 5 star raising, The best way to solve your problem is to post pics of your hood -pics of hood rear gap, left and right hood side gap, hood front edge compared to both L and R headlight covers and hood height (frnt ,sides and back). Leave the hood catch off till you fix hood alignment first. Always do one correction at a time then analysis the results. Take the pics, it will make it easier to solve your problem. Too
  4. The Global Supply problems delayed delivery of my parts for modifying of my Bead Roller so I will go to LEATHER SEAT COVER REPLACEMENT- I ordered Two Leather Seat Covers from Interior Innovations for my car. Cost was about $700 including freight. Be aware- Once you ordered from this company and received your Order Confirmation, do not expect to hear from them until you received your seat covers. I tried to contact them by email and phone-no replies and no tracking number. But I received the covers after about one months time. On the upside, the Leather Seat Co
  5. Cooling System- A lot of time was spent looking a radiator for my LS 240z. The biggest problem was the 28" space between the Front Core Support. Most available LS radiators were about 30" wide. But I found 67-69 V8 Camaro had narrow width of 27". So I called Champion Radiator for Pricing and Availablity. He said because of the Pandemic affecting the supply channels, none was available and would not be for couple of months. But fortunately, he asked me what kind of radiator that I was looking for. I told him 71 Datsun 240Z with LS swap. Then he said they
  6. calZ, In my case. There is no room to install a muffler on the Right Rear of the car. See pics below- Looking for Right Wheel Housing toward rear. Looking Forward from Right Tail Light. I mounted a Holley Electric Fuel Pump in the a Custom Fuel Tank Sump. Installed two 3/8 Nickel Copper Fuel Line and In-Line Fuel Filters running through the Trans Tunnel.
  7. Mufflers and more Exhaust Work- I picked Thrush Turbo Muffler which consists of a Aluminiuzed Coated Steel Metal Body because of its small size and light weight. But after Trial Fitting, it was little too long. The original 240Z muffler space was made for only one muffler not two. Returned those mufflers and order Thrush Welded Turbo version which were 1" narrower and 1" shorter. This installation was go down to a matter of inches of clearance. The only disadvantage of these mufflers was there were constructed of 16 gauge metal so they were heavy.
  8. More Exhaust Work- Pie Cutting- First, Creating a Paper Template for Reference Points o the exhaust pipe. This Diagram is for a 2 1/4" Exhaust pipe( just substitute your pipe size). First, use your pipe size times Pie=3.14. The result is the Pipe Circumference. In this case, the result is about 7.06 inches. So cut your Template out Thin Cardboard or HD Paper to resemble a ruler. Divide the Circumference by 2 to get the Half Way Point which is about 3..53 inches. Wrap the Template about the pipe and the ends should meet together.
  9. My Post will be delayed because my Residence on the Eastern Portion of the Island is experiencing a Local Emergency-A 24 inch Water Main Break. It has been Two Days since we have had running water!! I have a go out Three Times a day to pickup 3 Galloins of Water from a Water Tanker. This Water is not for Drinking but just for Flushing the Toilets!! Tthe Water Company said the Water Main should be fixed Today but we since Don't Have Water Pressure yet. The only shower that I take is Wiping myself with Water from a bottle of water onto a Wash Cloth!!!. Ughh
  10. Exhaust Pipe Construction I started off with Super Fast Racing 2 1/4" Stainless Steel DIY Custom Exhaust Pipe Kit from Amazon. It was about $149. The kit consists of Two 45 degree, Two 45 degree, Two 90 degree bends and Two 48" straight sections of T304 Stainless Pipe. I used a Electric Band Saw that can cut up to 4 3/4" .but you can use a !4" Chop Saw, a Sawzalll or even a 4 1/2 Right Angle Grinder with !/32" cutting disc. A Band Saw does make the job easier. A Craftsman 2/3 HP Belt Sander was utilized to straighten cut pipe edges.
  11. New Exhaust System- After installing the Holley Flow Tech LS exhaust manifolds on my car, I discovered there was a Clearance Problem. The Driver Side -No Problems Steering Shaft Firewall Frame Rail However, the Passenger side Exhaust Manifold was too close to the Frame Rail. The Passenger Side was touching the Frame Rail so I tried to cut off about 3/8" off the bottom manifold ourside edge. But ,it was still too close. I considered shifting the motor to the left but that side didn't have the extra space.
  12. DonH, Thanks for feedback on the Leather Seat Covers. Good to know that Company makes Good Covers. Dash Board Installation- After receiving the SEM Textured Black Dash Board Paint, I repainted the Dash Board. But while installing the dashboard, I discovered that the my Aluminum Replacement Glove compartment had to be modified to fit. The Compartment Top had to be Notched to clear Dash board Ducts Hoses. Used the Brake to create the Notch for Glove Compartment. Cleco Pins were used to test fit the Notch on the Glove Compartment Box.
  13. Sorry for the delay in posting but couple of unforeseen problems came up. I was planning to go over the installation of my Reconditioned Dash Board but could not find the SEM Products Textured Dash Board Spray Paint on the island. Since Federal Express and UPS won't ship Pressurized Containers, my Spray Paint would have to come by Boat. That trip would two to three weeks so I went to another item to restore. Front Bucket Seats Restore Both Left and Right Seats had lot of wear so probably would go Restoring them in Leather. First Step was to Disassembly to check the
  14. Heater Box and AC Evaporator Unit Repair pic of A.R.A. Evaporator Unit apart A company called A.R.A. provided their AC Conversion Kits for the local Nissan Dealers 240Zs which did not come with OEM AC until later models. The kits were bolt-in operation with Condenser, Evaporator Unit, York Compressor & Engine Mounting Bracket, Dryer, and Hoses. Installation time was about 4-5 hours. In those days, only R12 Freon was utilized . Major Crack found in Evaporator Case. This interior area of the plastic Housing will also be repaired w
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