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  1. So long story short.. Bought a clean 93'TT, Aftermarket goods, runs great, no smoking issues, low miles.. Boosts around 16psi, no leaks anywhere. Did my first oil, while doing that removed turbo pipes, and intake pipes to check.. All clean no oil. Put it back together.... Now first drive, boosted hard, noticed boost gauge not as reactive as it has been. After boost, on decel, car had white smoke out the back. Could a boost leak cause this?... and white smoke? Obviously I'm on old Z guy, but haven't dabbled into 300's enough to really know them well in this case. Your thoughts?
  2. Oh..... BTW. I do have a few new parts available. New Hatches available. In both "Bolt-on", and Hatch skin for race purposes. New Cowl Panel ( LH, RH, and NO- wiper holes available. )
  3. Not to happy to see that Ztrix ( John Washington ) has copied my custom Gnose and IMSA kit. I know this from a fact, by a feature line I designed into the nose when building it, so I know its a direct Rip-OFF copy of my gnose, with no changes. Pretty piss pour business tact. Will be discussing this with Mr. Washington soon.
  4. If someone is whining after all your efforts , Pure Vomit! Fantastic job….. Your bringing together a dream thats been around a long time, and for many Zcar enthusiasts.
  5. This forum post will outline my restoral of my 1973 Nissan FairladyZ. I purchase the car ( with the help of a friend ) from a guy in Washington State. He used to run a Z shop in the 80's-90's, but had decided to get rid of his collection of early Datsun/Nissans. I purchase the car for a very reasonable $1800... The car was a roller, and most of the pc's are there. On further inspection, #'s match, Original L20A, It has the very rare "Rally-Clock", and the passenger foot rest, which was a added option. Once I got it home, and began to tear into it, I had a nice surprise.. The OE color was WHITE ( very happy ), as over 60% were silver, and white is going to make a great looking car. Also found 2 Japanese coins in the cracks, that prove without a doubt ( not that there was any ) it was from Japan. I'll be updating as I can, with the disassembly of the car, and any headway I make on her. Cheers, B.
  6. Pardon if I missed it, but is your initial build using what lower end to get these HP estimates? What crank and rods?... I saw it was 89mm pistons.
  7. FYI My ZG-R tail is not the same as ReTro's... The angle is changed, the corners are more rounded and shaped to fit more of the Z's body lines. It was my own interpretation of what I thought a cross between a whale tail, and a IMSA tail would be.
  8. Correction $650

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