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  1. You're absolutely right, hell i should have just bought a camry and moved on. I plan on selling the car as a heap and maybe keeping the seats for another car, which leads up this find; I found a 73 240z , needs the following: seats, center console, rear lights, carpeting, and reassembly of the included engine accessory stuff (carbs, waterpump, oil pump). Guy stopped dissembling the car when he was called to Iraq. Body is exceptional for a NJ car, least for the asking price of $500. Good idea? I have the time and money.
  2. Location: Bergen county / New Jersey 07450 Want (Need): Looking for a minimal rust 240z complete car or a naked S130z shell. My buddy can help with towing. I could also trade you my complete (frame wreck) 280zx with cash for a better condition 240z. Hit me up with any old first gen really. My cell is two zero one-334-7849, my name is Victor. Purpose: I intend to assemble it as a daily driver to replace my poor 280ZX. Reason: My Datsun 280ZX has been wrecked and is now a complete parts car. Considering swapping its goodies over to either a 240z shell or a 280zx shell. Details of my wrecked 280zx are in this link. http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/97001-the-end-of-a-lady-s130z/page__p__911008#entry911008
  3. Hey just a little update, so i'm going to get a professional collision guy give us an estimate. My uncle said it should cost around $500 for the repair. I'm more than a little skeptical but he had done a great job on repairing my mom's minivan (also t-boned). Course that had cost $2000... I've been saving up anyhow and looked at old Mr2s and e30s but i really want a first gen or 2nd Z. I've spent so much in my beat up car , that's why I'm so hesitant t to spend more on it. Here are a few numbers 2010 April: $1750 fine running 280zx $290 in upgrade/maintenance bits $500 in exhaust manifold leak job that developed after curbing the car 2010 October telephone pole accident: TOTAL: $595 So yep around $1400 already spent on it. Do yall think I can flip this car for a small profit? Maybe like 4-5k after a nice paintjob and wheels? I think they're worth a good penny in this rust hell known as NJ. Oh and yes i'm still hungry for a 240Z. I want one to buy one somewhere south, not too farrr. And fly there and drive 'er home. Hook me up..
  4. the S30 curvy G-nose does not flow with the rest of the 280ZX. And the Arita speed type would need side skirts to match the new bumper in most cases. It also look much better with a widebody kit. There's also a Japanese nose piece that modernizes the ZX. What if you went custom? I quickly drew a cool porschy nose on 280zx profile render that i think would look amazing.
  5. I could try driving/flying down south during the summer, but I'll be aiming for a 240z/260z first:P. Right now VinHZXT said he could hook me up with a running car. That's all i need, well.. you know what i mean. Oh and i tried starting it up. NOPE! The fan doesn't spin, i hear electrical clicking noises(ignition?), and fumes coming from the exhaust manifold gasket. The engine sputters and wont stay up without gas. I stopped quickly then, oil pump is probably not working either. PS: A brief video of my car, enjoy.
  6. I know Z Force Productions makes fiberglass pantera hatches. http://www.zforcepro...id=58&Itemid=76 I still think light bars like the BMW 7 rearend would work on a ZX.. http://www.lincah.com/2009-hamann-bmw-7-series/2009-hamann-bmw-7-series-rear
  7. Maybe these are the wrong skyline gen, but here they are..
  8. Eh like 2 hours. I'll call ya friday, I'm being slaughtered by finals right now. I also have an urge to repair/pull the unibody frame myself like the Devil Z but mainly because the rust was minimal and don't wana throw away the car. Oh and those are later model bumpers sprayed that i bought off a 240z guy. The car got a lot less looks with the newer bumpers, i guess it made it look more modern. In the crash pic, you see the original bumper sprayed. The updated bumper was destroyed in the first accident, i put the original ones back on in time for the second accident.
  9. That's true, but I'm so broke. I'm a student who works at a supermarket. Â I immediately thought of finding a parts car 280zx and transferring my goodies over. Â And so the search begins!
  10. So i bought my s130z in my April 2010.  I loved it, i could barely drive stick, so i had my dad drive it home as i followed him.  Once i saw that sexy rear end with the louvers go around a corner, i nearly jizzed.  It looked like a Delorean, cause the ZX was so low to the ground.  It was an NA 5spd from 1979, with some surface rust and a few holes.  I payed $1750 for it,  it also had 114,000 miles.  Price was a bit high, but i was happy. I slowly had the car upgraded with new maintenance parts, but it's not worth mentioning. I drove her everyday, she chugged around everywhere.  Anyways I crashed her one day going around a bend in the rain.  This happened in early October 2010. The rear end slid out , and i oversteered into a telephone pole.  Thankfully this was only at 20-25mph.  I brought her home, and with no money, left her there to sit.  I worked to save the money for new body parts and labor.  Finally, early December, last Sunday actually, I got her repaired.  That cost me $360 in labor and $200 in parts.  She was good enough to be streetable.  I was overjoyed, and i blasted The Shrangi-Las on  my radio that day. This Tuesday morning, however, I was inching out to make a left from my street onto a main road.  Cars are slowly making there way by, there is sleet on the road.  There is also poor visibility, thanks to a deli with parked cars in front blocking the view of the oncoming lane.  When suddenly a Saab 9-3 going like 30mph slams into my fender.  My car spins around violently as it was absorbing the hit.  Her car had a minor dented fender.  My whole left fender side was destroyed.  The tire was almost sideways.  I felt horrible, in a split second my car was obliterated.  The Saab driver, middle aged female, was very calm( hmmm) and drove her car home after the police filed a report.  The Officer said i was at fault, for not yielding.  I had asked the officer after, if i could just drive my car backwards home, he said "no, look at the wheel".  I had to pay $75 dollars just to get my car towed home, which was literally 15 houses down.  Now again, my baby sits in my driveway, only this time worse.  Of course the engine turns on like always.   I'll post all the pics  and damage you'd expect here sooon.  This picture, was the original condition of the car, i changed bumpers afterwards in summer. Thank you 240z people! Got me 280ZX parts quick!
  11. I found these pics from http://www.zcar.com/...s_868666.0.html
  12. How about something like these? I too have been thinking HARD about what could look cool on a ZX.
  13. Sorry for the late reply, Negligence, has me covered on the headlamp buckets, TY I still need a right fender, the front valence/lip/airdam piece can be bought later. Â Preferable something with minimal rust, i plan just to sand it down and do a cheap matching spray job.
  14. Things to make the ZX "AWESOME": IMSA body kit ( Redefines the ZX into a battle racing car);, Z force productions is in early stages of fabbing one. Your choice of a deep color. HIDS/projectors (makes it look sharp and modern) Classic style rear suspension geometry modified; or swapped audi lights; make it look porschey in the front ( personal idea, u might not like it) fab BMW tailights style (again personal thought) BBS rims or another kind of wheels (not sure on what else looks good) I also want an s30z, but the chances of finding a rustfree one, or killing the rust right, is not worth it for me. I consider my S130z a learning challenge that will reward the driver at the end of the metamorphasis. Also post more beautiful ZXs to restore faith in the ZX
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