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  1. For what bore? Standard pin height?
  2. Ha, exact same question here. It is interesting that Jim Wolff is offering the same springs for either one, L or VG.
  3. 11/77 is the build date and the engine is numbers matching.

    I can store till you can arrange for shipping if you want to buy it FYI

    My number is 916-856-0823 if you want to hook it up and talk more.


  4. Hi Sean, I did send you the money ($65) through paypal last weekend. Did you get it? For the lower intake fuel rails, injectors,etc. Thanks much!
  5. THe SU's are the 38mm opening (at the flange mount) type? And the mount itself is a two hole diagonal mount? From what year the 350Z cams?
  6. Are the springs a different rate then the 03 springs_ I have heard the the after 03 cars have a different set-up?
  7. Hey, how about steering column covers alone?
  8. Hi Folks, when downloading "megasquirt.19" I get: "programming address $FB00.error". I then continue to see what the issue is when verifying. Then I get: "$FB10 byte in modul is $01, should be $09", and: "$FB9F byte in modul is $AE, should be $A6". how can I correct that? I downloaded the .S19 again from website, erased module, reloaded, got the same error. How do I procede from here? Thanks much for all the help!
  9. Okay, did you guys take the shaft out to shorten it? Pushed out with press from the short end, pushing through the ferrule looking part? I got the throttle plate of already. Thanks for any help!
  10. Okay, is there a code to program a VIRGIN (not from Megasquirt), blank processor in the board (V2.2)? In daubt it though due to the set-up. Would be nice if I don't have to buy the programmer. Oh well. Please let me know, would you? Thanks much again!!
  11. Okay, thanks much, I am using version 2.2 MS fuel only for now (basic stuff). I am using a DB9 cable (RS232) and have gotten the com all the way onto the board. Now I have to plug in the proc. and load. But how do I go about it? I was trying to follow each step as per instructions and got stuck. Could you instruct me, or point me into the right direction so that I can test it? Thanks again!! Enno
  12. This is what it says in the manual: On the PC, run PC Configurator. Go into the "Communications" window and select the proper COM port (the "Verify ECU operation" does not operate, so do not be fooled). Exit this screen (back to the main window). Note: If your com port is on COM5, you will notice that the Configurator only offers COM1 through COM4. Modify the configuration file so that the first line says "COM5". (Use Wordpad, Notepad or something similar, be sure to save as a plain text file.) For MegaTune this file is "megatune.cfg". Where in the heck do I find "PC Configurator"? "megatune.cfg" is just a 4 liner coming up with "Notepad". Secondly: In the instructions just below the above question it says: "On the PC, click the "Runtime/Realtime Display" button, which brings up ... " And where would that magic "Runtime/Realtime Display" button be?? Need some help here. Trying for the longest time to find those two things with no luck. Thanks much!
  13. jenno4z

    TPS question

    Hi all, is there a TPS (pot type) out there that bolts either to a 240SX or even the factory 280 Throttle body where I can use the Bosch style 3-pin connector? The 240SX has the pot on the extra pig-tail with that huge tree-pin connector. Thanks much!!
  14. The above combo is in a 73 240. Tranny is a Borg Warner 1352-157. The speedo does not work. Person who built it (friend) had died from cancer. He did not hook up the speedo. The tranny has two (from what I can see) electrical connections on the drivers side. One further back (I suspect the pulse coder for a speedo?) and one up front (reverse switch??). I need help to hook the stock speedo (changing out the electrical in back with something mechanical?). Is the front electrical the reverse switch? Thanks much! Enno
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