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  1. 90% of the later z31 open diffs are four pinion, very few had 2 pinions. Yes OP it is dependent on build date, like stated above 4/87 and up.
  2. Score! Welcome to the 2j club. Where did you nab this from?
  3. They work awesome! Also, they create torque if you look at dynographs of the folks using them. What turbo are you looking at?
  4. Is the TT oil pump a sizable upgrade? Also, i noticed on many na2t build threads folks switching out the GE HG for the GTE thicker HG. Were you looking for quicker spool time by using the GE HG and retaining the higher comp? I am at the point of collecting parts to put my GE back together and was just curious about some of your choices for parts.
  5. Might wanna check this out before cutting up your car, its alot easier than you guys think. http://www.northwestnissans.com/board/threads/104488-1972-Datsun-240Z-UP-Garages-Build-Thread!?highlight=UP+Garages+73+240z
  6. Thats why I was asking.......if its a front sump design and it would clear the engine would be far back anyways. See what I mean? I am just going to build my own pan like PAT does and place the engine appropriately. Thanks for the responses guys!
  7. Most of the swaps I see in this forum are mid sump jz series. has anyone successfully swapped in a front sump engnine? To me it looks like from everyones pics that there is enough room and especially with how far back these things sit. I have a 2jz front sump engine I have been building for the past few months and was getting ready to purchase a mid sump setup from a gte engine locally. If I don't have to spend 300 bucks on that guys sump then I can move onto buying other more important things like my transmission. Someone that builds his own pans such as yourself Pat would most likely know if
  8. thats a 4x4 truck he was mocking this up into as well, that makes a huge difference in clearance. he hasnt been heard from in a while either.
  9. no not a huge demand. I have a decent thread over at z31p that shows the first set I did. Everyone whined about not having injector bosses so I changed them. Now there up to everyones liking apparently but now theres been a crap ton of layoffs and people have no money. So, now I am whoring myself out to all the boards. lol!
  10. If your trying to fit it into a HB you will have a very hard time doing it in a 2wd. The turbos hit directly on the frame rails, you can notch them to clear the turbos but it will make it very difficult to work on. They only clear the frame rails in the 4wd's due to the raised engine height. All I am saying is you can have the accurate measurements but its going to hit either way and you will need to cut. peace.
  11. I figured the guys that visit this site dont venture onto other boards too much, i thought I would post these here as well. Respond to the for sale thread in the classified section if you wish to purchase a set. Otherwise all comments to how they look and you feel they will function should stay here. thank you!
  12. Anyone got a map for the he351? I was told it was an HYfrom an 04 dodge but later found out its an HE. Thats what it looks like, its bigger far as compressor housing size than an HX or HY. Was told the compressor wheel is 2mm larger than an HX but has the same size turbine wheel as an HY. It spools pretty late on my vg30 but would like to know what its capable of HP wise. peace.
  13. your car is my cars visual twin! only yours came with all the goodies. w-series, CLSD, and 5speed Keeep it lookin good man! peace.
  14. nismopu


    what a waste of time. I would swap a vq in over a vg30dett or yeah even stick with the vg30et. I loved driving my friends z32tt it had over 450hp but it was always breaking. maybe the less cramped engine bay of the z31 will help with the heat but I doubt much. I wish they didn't break all the time and it wasn't ever life threatening. Its just the fact that you had to always be under the hood with the damn things. I heard Osaka was good but I would still support your local importer if they have decent feed back from others. peace.
  15. the turbos will need to be rebuilt before you would ever need to pull the heads/ replace the oil pump. Just stick with the vg30e, I got sick of pulling my friends vg30dett all the time. Sure it was mostly a drag car but it was still a pain in the ass.
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