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  1. Woah... Sorry guys. I guess I didn't realize I had killed the thread, but don't you think this could be used as a good resource for athoer people who want to swap in OBX diffs to their cars?
  2. So when checking backlash, do you need to hold the pinon gear still, and then rock the ring gear back and forth on the pinion while measuring the tolerance?
  3. Yes, I was very confused. I understand what you are saying now, but it still isn't clear to me which way my gears should go in. Also, setting the backlash correctly has me a little scared to attempt te swap on my own. I don't want to ruin my transmission.
  4. Ok, under acceleration you want the diff to lock up, right? So you want the axle gears to be pulled into the diff and touch the washer stack right? So the axle gears should be "slamming" into the retainer/washer stack, right? OR, will the gears be pulled in regardless of the orientation? The reason we want to run the gears as said is because the barrel gears will crash into each other on acceleration if we do not?
  5. I just thought of this too, maybe the center diff rotates the driveshaft oppostie of the lower gear shaft, makeing it ok to have both ring gears on the drivers side?!
  6. How the hell does this work? I mean, I'm sure your right, but think about the following scenario via MSPaint! With both ring gears on drivers side, the rear moves opposite the front.: With rear diff ring gear on passenger side, they move the same way. (ALTHOUGH I AM ALMOST 100% POSITIVE THAT THE REAR DIFF HAS THE RING GEAR ON THE PASSENGER SIDE ALSO!!!):
  7. Here are some photos of the 5MT with an OBX in it, but it doesnt show the orientation of the gears: As you can see, the axle splines are on the diff itself, as the axles do not clip in, but are attached via compression pins. Will I need to shim the diff, from side to side, axle to axle? Shimming the bearings I mean? As you can see in the photo, the bearing looks to be pressed on all the way to the housing. Will I need new bearing for the axle shafts? New seals? I also have the kit from RBryant. I hope that hardware works!
  8. Actually its going in my Subaru WRX 5MT. Can you explain an easy way to tell where the force will be appled to the barrel gears? Thanks.
  9. I didn't notice that at first, now I am trying to visualize that in my head. It would seem the yare going the same way as previously posted here at hybridz.
  10. Also, don't you have to press on bearings and shim the LSD (on the axle sides) correctly?
  11. From the following thread from clubRSX, the gears are reversed from what you have stated. Is this because the LSD is mounted the opposite way in the RSX? From: http://forums.clubrsx.com/showthread.php?t=520556 From: HybridZ
  12. Yup, the stock rear is a VLSD with a 3.45 ratio.
  13. Yup, I read all about the reasons, I just didn't know whether it would make a difference where the LSD was going in the drivetrain As for the rear, it is the stock LSD (R160) and will proabably stay that way for now just because the points system with NASA TT makes you take a point for each modified differential.
  14. Hello Z owners, I am coming to you OBX LSD experts for some friendly advice. I ordered an OBX for my 02 Subaru WRX as our cars are open front diffs and its a serious killer at any road course! I have ordered the bolt/washer kit and plan to take apart the diff and clean up the machine work if needed. My question deals with the direction of the gears, as I know many of you have experiences with OBX sending the units with the gears in the wrong direction for your application, being RWD. However, because I am installing my LSD in the front, are the gears opposite to your "correct" direction?
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