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  1. TrumpetRhapsody

    The "Ultimate" IRS Swap for S30s

    I'm waiting on a Mustang caliper option or something. Not all of us have Wilwood-deep pockets, or need it. Looking good though! I like the new design.
  2. TrumpetRhapsody

    New CV Upgrade Option - 240sx Hubs & Axles

    Sunny: I'll dig more into that, maybe I'm thinking it's more complicated/expensive than it should be. T3 seems to think this will be a decent lower cost swap, just need to confirm that by trying it! Xnke: That is a decent Z31 axle option, but that leaves the weak stub axles. Those are the heavy hitters on price. Plus not everyone has easy access to a pick-n-pull. 240sx parts are a dime a dozen on many forums.
  3. TrumpetRhapsody

    New CV Upgrade Option - 240sx Hubs & Axles

    Meph: You still have weak stub axles just waiting to snap. This addresses multiple issues. Not saying you aren't right about not having binding issues, but there's a reason the custom center bars were made. Nigel: Nice catch on the rotor sizes. The 240sx guys were saying it was a 1.5" increase over their stock rotors. I didn't think to check if the Z31 rear rotor we use was bigger than the stock 240sx, which it is. Not much gain there, ill have to keep digging, maybe look at the cobra upgrade. I really want to avoid that drum e-brake nonsense. Trying to keep this cheap and easy.
  4. TrumpetRhapsody

    New CV Upgrade Option - 240sx Hubs & Axles

    Good to know. At least this will give me options. I'll try the Z31 bracket swap first, and if that's still not enough rear bias i'll bite the bullet and go full Z32.
  5. TrumpetRhapsody

    Box full of NOS Datsun Parts. Parts LOT. Cheap!

    Howdy Richard, don't suppose you have the license plate light and center bracket for the 240z do you? Finally getting around to the tail light conversion, have the lights and side panels but I don't want to modify them to fit the wider 280z center stuff. -Chris
  6. TrumpetRhapsody

    New CV Upgrade Option - 240sx Hubs & Axles

    Perhaps! I think I"ll be fine with 29 spline for a turbo car. I looked into the Z32 rear brake upgrade, and the whole drum thing looks like it's more trouble than it's worth. I found this: http://forums.nicoclub.com/diy-larger-rear-rotor-upgrade-t483332.html I'm thinking that should be enough to bring the bias issues people see with the SX rear disk swap back into check. Guess we'll find out!
  7. TrumpetRhapsody

    New CV Upgrade Option - 240sx Hubs & Axles

    I gotcha now, but staying 4 lug limits me to using the 29 spline axles that fit the 240sx hubs, so might as well stick with the bolt-in (shortened) 240sx axles. I like the Z32 rear brake idea though, since I wasn't thrilled about using the undersized SX units OR losing my ebrake. I'll bet I could use the SX wheel bearing and hub, and still use the backing plate, caliper, and e-brake assembly from the Z32. Please take LOTS of pics as you work on your rear brake setup. I just got all my used parts in, so I need to take apart my 240sx axles to see if I'm going to be able to get them shortened and resplined, or whether they're too thin and will need custom center bars.
  8. TrumpetRhapsody

    New CV Upgrade Option - 240sx Hubs & Axles

    I'd thought about this, since I had that diff as well for awhile. Should still work, but you might need some LCA drop brackets to get those huge diff side stubs to clear. When I was mocking that diff up trying to think of ways to make it work, they wouldn't clear. Pretty sure all Z32's are 5 lug, i'm trying to keep 4 lug. The Z32 rear calipers are a bolt on for 240sx's (which means it would work here too), but I was under the impression you would lose your e-brake? I thought the Z32 used a drum style ebrake. Can you show some pics?
  9. TrumpetRhapsody

    Embed Youtube

    Whoops, answered my own question. It does it automatically when you post the Youtube link as a URL.
  10. TrumpetRhapsody

    Embed Youtube

    I feel ridiculous asking, but is there not a feature to embed youtube videos into your post? I know for a fact it used to work on the Vbulletin site (I see threads with YouTube embedded), but so far I haven't figured out how to do it now on IPB.
  11. Took the Z to a local dyno day this Saturday, and got 4 runs in. Since converting over to the external wastegate I hadn't spent much time tuning my boost controller to see how much of a change in dutycycle is needed to increase/decrease each psi. I started around 16psi and each run I increased it 5%. I was hovering around 18psi by the last run, right where I wanted to be. Final numbers were 315hp and 335tq, not bad! The other turbo cars there were seeing 5-10hp drops on subsequent runs, so even though i gained each run by adjusting the boost controller, I was probably losing 5-10hp in heat. On top of that starting around 5600 rpm I started going super rich, which probably killed my top end some. May or may not have given me a better peak number, but something to consider. From here I think I'll go ahead and rebuild this motor, considering I had no idea I was getting that severe amount of blowby. Also, i found a local guy that will rebuild, port/polish, AND flowbench my head for SUPER cheap. After I get all that done I'm thinking about converting over to E85 to see if it will help with the detonation issues these motors have, and allow me to run more agressive timing. I'm still shooting to break the 400hp mark without running more than 20psi of boost, so we'll see!
  12. TrumpetRhapsody

    New CV Upgrade Option - 240sx Hubs & Axles

    It would yeah, but then you'd have no e-brake. IIRC the Z32 uses the drum style e-brake.
  13. TrumpetRhapsody

    New CV Upgrade Option - 240sx Hubs & Axles

    No, the idea here is to NOT have to upgrade your mustache bar, LCA brackets, diff mount, and diff to run the R230. The goal is to KEEP the R200, which is plenty strong for most of us.
  14. TrumpetRhapsody

    New CV Upgrade Option - 240sx Hubs & Axles

    Alright guys, I'm tired of the astronomical costs associated with upgrading the rear end to handle a decent amount of power. 280zx axles are old tech, and prone to failure. 300zx axles are better, but require $500 center sections not to bind. Either way, you still have a weak stub axle that will be next in line to go. By the time you get billet stub axles and upgraded axles you're looking at around $1700 minimum. TechnoToyTuning and several others have come up with the R230 upgrade, but I feel like that diff is overkill for 90% of the people on this forum, not to mention the even higher cost of sourcing those parts and all the adapters and upgrades associated with it. Basically you won't do much better on cost that way either. I intend to take the backing plate T3 has designed for their R230 upgrade, and use it to run 240sx hubs, wheel bearings, AND axles with the R200. The 240sx diff side stubs are 29 spline, so there should be NO EXPENSIVE ADAPTERS needed for this swap. All you'll need to do is shorten the CV center shafts, something most capable axle shops will do for about $150. An additional bonus is that you'd be able to use the 240sx SE hub to swap to 5 lug if you wanted. The only caveat is that you'll need to convert to the 240sx rear disk setup (or any of the 240sx rear brake upgrade options), something most of us do or have done anyway. So the parts list should be: T3 Backing Plates - $550 + coilover/strut option 240sx Hubs, Wheel bearings, axles, side stubs - $200-500 depending on whether you buy new or source used Shorten CV center shafts - $150 I'm currently coordinating with TechnoToy to see if/how this can be pulled together, so i'll update you guys as I make progress. I'm hoping they can set it up where you have the option of choosing between retaining stock-style strut tubes, or coming with a coilover sleeve ready to accept the common Megan or GC coilover upgrades. Hopefully the final product will be significantly cheaper than existing options, and modernize our rear ends. Let me know what you guys think, and wish me luck!
  15. TrumpetRhapsody

    Z32 Caliper Conversion Kit (Front Only)

    You mention the option of Drilled/Slotted roters, would they still be $310 + shipping for the whole package?