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  1. http://www.zparts.com/showcase/engines/images/q45zpower_15rw.jpg i have a TT tranny that was machine by mazworx. i live 30min away from mazworx. you have to machine the bell housing to have it mount flush with the block. if you were to use other tranny adapter, you dont have to machine it and just add a spacer on the flywheel.
  2. from the picture you can tell they cut enough off the clear the crossmember. mazworx has exhaust flange for the vh45. i decided to go with front mount turbo due to the lack of space.
  3. i was probably the first one. that was 1-2 years ago. they keep saying next season but it never happened, so i built my own which is not that hard. there are custom motor mount kits for the vh45, but you would need a welder. it would be cheaper buying a welder and tools, then buying a kit.
  4. the cover plate and vavle cover where sent out to be chromed and powder coated. i havent got to the point of making an exhaust. i never tried putting on the oem headers. i dont think it will fit. i had to cut and turn the oil pan around and made it into a rear sump. if i was to do it again, i would have done the same as the blue vh45dett 240z, which is cut 1-2" off the oil pan and weld it up to clear the crossmember. i used the mazworx adapter with the z32 transmission. xcessive also makes an adapter. i ordered a transmission mount for the z32 transmission in s3
  5. Some of you guys might recognize this motor. It was the one that Tecni was building. It has Venolia pistons and Pauter rods, with 9:1 compression. next step is working on low mount turbo manifolds.
  6. i doing the same swap with twin turbos. Mckinney Motorsports will be making a full swap kit at the end of the summer.
  7. WTB: Shocks/Struts w/ springs, 240sx rear brake brakets, front 4x4 toyota vented spacers and fender mirrors for 73 240z
  8. pm'd. i perfered the 240z 260z model for they lighter weight.
  9. i looking for a rust free shell or drivable 240z, 260z, or 280z in Central Florida. i looking to spending between $100-$2500. i have cash in hand and ready to buy. email- Phantomx35@hotmail.com
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