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  1. I got this idea after reading and conversing with a few of the engineer types on this forum. Reading that the runners are the most restrictive part in the engine. I've measured the stock intake at 1.25", the valve is 1.55", the new intake measures 1.45" where it bolts to the head, matching a lot closer to the valve then a stick intake ever could. As for the injector positioning, I think it could be enough of a difference to mess with a stock ECU especially being batch fired, but mega squirt has options for adjusting to this type and I assume the other aftermarket FI can compensate as we
  2. The runners on this intake are a little larger and much longer. I added the flange for the throttle body. Custom fuel rail on the "adapter plate". I don't have an L in my Z anymore, so I can't bolt it up and try it out. I'd like to produce and sell these as a custom option. This being the prototype
  3. Although I always install my temp sensor in the intake manifold itself. If you have an aftermarket intake, you will have the option too. It gets the temp sender away from all the header heat. Here's a pic of my old 1978 with a 400ci small block I installed. I bought the car with the original inline 6 that threw a rod.
  4. Try my route. Local and under $5. The datsun thread pitch is very very close to standard NPT My JTR V8swap book even tells you to do it that way.
  5. That's just a pipe thread adapter. Bring both sensors into a hardware or auto parts store and they can find the needed reducer if your not familiar with NPT
  6. There's three different input flanges for an R200 That I can think of right off the top of my head. Two different styles of outputs too. Lots of things changed over that diffs production. Which ones you need?
  7. why not buy an "all thread Union." It's like a nut but much longer. maybe an inch, but it's threaded on the inside so you can put your pushrods end to end. Anyone have a proper name for it? I'm sure one can be ordered on McMasters.com. Requires cutting of pushrods and a little grinding, but fun stuff. I changed to a Wilwood master and welded two together.
  8. That's how the car came from the factory...
  9. I have one down here in Gresham. Come check it out and see if you want it. 8 of 10. Should clean up nice. $50 Assuming Vancouver is in Washington your 30 mins from me. Shoot me a pm. I can give you pics and my number.
  10. 240z's never had a factory rear sway bar. I don't think they even got attachment brackets until 1973. If you search google for install on a series one 240z you will find a few options.
  11. No need to yell, he who's name can't be pronounced. As I see your giant intake plenum I think I won't have any issues. I'll just angle the throttle body downward. Thanks for the useful pic.
  12. So what your telling me is the diesel intake barely fits between the hood already. I'm measuring from the flat area which is almost 1/2" shorter than the front of the cam cover, But not the 1" to 1 1/2" I was hoping for. Hmm. Than I will modify these intakes the hard way... Still hoping to find a local with a longblock in a Z I could mess with. I find useing small cardboard boxes is a decent way of finding clearance issues. I got a 3" air filter on my sbc swaped 78 that way.
  13. I have a p90. I didn't read the other thread. I'm doing something a bit different. I'm wondering how much clearance there is between the intake and hood for my application.
  14. I have a few diesel intakes sitting around. I'm thinking about modifying them for use on gas type engines. With there longer and bigger runners. But my issue is I dont have a Z around with a L6 in it for me to mess around with testing clearances. My question is, How much can I raise the "log" portion of the intake? Is there a Z with a long block in it I can mess with around Portland OR? I'm located really close to Gresham. Thanks for any help
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