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  1. I'd like to see the mounts as well. My buddy is about to put a 1UZ in a 2+2 to daily, and thats the only hiccup we've run into so far. I really don't feel like making them from scratch.
  2. Not bad. What about tranny mounts? I've got an RB20 thats going in a 75 280z. Would prefer drop-in ease. Mkinneys kit is espensive, and i can get a set from a buddy for around what you're asking, but Billet is so sexy. How much for mounts AND trans mounts (using stock RB20 5 Speed)
  3. Can you link me the numbers for those pieces? I have a w58, but I need the those pieces to attached it to 1UZFE
  4. How much was the bellhousing/clutch setup from them? I'm in the US and was thinking about doing this, but that is my one obstacle so far. I've got the W58 laying around AND a 350z 6 Speed so...lerpderps
  5. Yeah dude, me too. I haven't seen it done b4 But I had built some ITB's for it I miss it.
  6. The one I got had 18k miles on it, great shape. But decided against it. Fam decided not to do it so I'm sellin all the stuff
  7. I'd be interested except I need the rears too The stains are the ew part for me
  8. Need CLEAN original blue/grey/black Cloth Seats for 300zx 2+2. Will pay cash, or trade for CLEAN Leather Power Fronts and Rears 9/10 on them. Looking for same quality Cloth Seats. Also need 300zx 5-Speed Tranny. Have one, but it seems to be bad. Need one somewhat inexpensive. Its for my GF, not making a race car, just something reliable and cool lookin' :3 Email or PM me (etheby@gmail.com) Appreciate it guys! I know you'll come through!
  9. Well, I don't wanna pay too much. I have a number in my head what it will cost from a dismantler. If you're down to do a hookup for a Hybrid guy give me an idea what you want for it and we'll chat! I'm just doing an Auto Conversion for a 300zx 2+2 auto :3
  10. Thinkin about doing 5Speed swap in my Z32. need all parts required! Let me know if you got one!
  11. I can ask him if you want. Hes my buddy :3 We did it w/ the 2JZ one in my car.
  12. Prefer stock OEM set. NEW WOULD BE AWESOME! Have an Aristo Swap and would like new pistons, but I may just use the same ones and get new rings. Anyone have a set?
  13. Evening fellow Hybrid Z'ers, Currently looking for 5-Speed Tranny, Differental Bushing (Insulator), Shifter Bushing (the linkage rubber that insulates the pin on the transmission), Door Panels, and Seats (Don't have to be PERFECT, but useable; Also Brown/Black color doesn't matter, but black preferred) Get ahold of me through PM or email @ etheby@gmail.com or via text/phone @ 858-204-5172. I am in the Sacramento Area, but will possibly arrange shipping for all but the 5-Speed. If you give me a good deal and are within 200miles of Sacramento, I will come and pick that up (or if ship
  14. I currently daily drive a 260z with a 2JZ in stock form, and haven't even built an exhaust yet. Probably running 2.25 exhaust, with DP Cat, another shittier honda cat, resonator, and muffer. I'll tell you right now, that even with GOOD sticky tires and a damn good driver, this car is a handful even with stock twins. I may be putting down....250ish wheel right now, and its insane. Sure, build a car with 500 HP, but if you accidently fall into the boost range on a rainy day, thats going to be all she wrote lol. I'd say go the route I'm going. I'm going to keep it stock, boost it to 16-18 lb's, b
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