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  1. There are some good deals on Prochargers in the classifieds of ls1tech.com
  2. Lots of info here. http://www.ls1tech.com/forums/
  3. Mike thanks for the reply to my pm. I have a Q45 differential and axles but when I saw this I thought the axles may work without being modified. So I'm just as well off buying axles. All I need now is time and more money like thats something new. Thanks, Ken
  4. 1 Day left to bid. With these coming off a Fairlady what else is needed to put them on a 240Z? Thanks, Ken
  5. If you were to build them and they were high quality I would buy a set. But if it's just a thought and not something you are ready to start on then I will not wait. Do you have any fabrication background?
  6. I would like to hear the details about this as I live in La Porte Texas and just got an LS1 motor for my 240Z.
  7. I ran the motor Saturday and it idles and sounds like it has a cam. It will be delivered today. I know you can measure lift with the valve covers off and probably measuring duration with a degree wheel. I don't really want to open the motor up but would like to know what I got. I need to order a bunch of stuff $$$$ and do a lot of work getting the car ready and don't want to spend any more money on the motor than necessary until it's running and then will get a dyno tune.
  8. Well I have looked off and on for a while for a LS1 and had many projects that got in the way but I just bought a LS1 and auto trans from Miracle Auto Parts in Houston with a bunch of extras for $5100. I will post up when I get pictures after delivery Wednesday.
  9. I don't know which procharger it is, pulley size or psi it was running. It is an automatic and the trans goes with it. The car is at a wholeseller who bought the car. He says it sounds like it has forged pistons because you can hear that light piston slap sound when it first runs and may have a cam. I am not that familiar with modded LS1 motors. I know some people that switch to synthetic oil speak of the piston slap sound in their motors. I wish someone on that side of town could look at it with me. It has a FAST intake and throttle body.
  10. What else do I need to get off the car?
  11. Here's the motor still in the car. I will here it run Saturday and if it checks out they will pull it. He said it was a Wilson intake and I thought it might be one of the new fabricated ones but it's the FAST intake and that is still a good deal.
  12. I am about to buy a 2002 Camaro LS1 motor w/ at and all accecessories with 20,00 miles, Wilson intake and throttle body, procharger with dual intercoolers for $5000.00 dollars. It is a wrecking yard cutout (still in the car) that they say I can hear run. I don't think the dual intercoolers will work in a 240Z but I can sell them to get one that will. Ken
  13. There is a Red 2007 Corvette in my neighborhood that reminds me of a girl in my biology class in high school. If I looked at her it gave me a hardon but I could not have her.
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