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  1. Another Holley option (although a bit pricey) is their two piece valve covers. The bottom portion is the actual valve cover, to which the coils are mounted. Then the top portion is attached, with the coil ends protruding and barely visible, and you have the classic look of regular valve covers. Attached is a picture of them on a '71 Z I recently sold. Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  2. I have had a Braille GU1R lithium battery in my car for about three years now and I love it. Only 6.6 pounds and it spins over my 10.7:1 compression 495 HP LS3 with ease, hot or cold. Kind of pricey but I wouldn't hesitate to buy another (now it would be a G30, the GU1R was discontinued). Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  3. My thoughts, and I absolutely mean no disrespect and I think others will agree with me, is that, with the questions you are asking, whether you should even be attempting this task. You absolutely need to disassemble everything first. You can't just go cutting through a compressed spring (extremely dangerous) and a strut housing with a strut cartridge inside of it. And, sooner or later, you will need to remove the gland nut to insert a new strut cartridge to replace the one you cut in half with a new, shorter one. Mike Milesk Tucson, AZ
  4. The inner rod ends are 3/4" bore, 3/4" shank. Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  5. Here's a picture of my current rear arms. The inner portion pivots on rod ends and both outer ends that attach to the upright are adjustable. I am currently designing another set that has the short outer adjustable arm towards the front of the car instead of at the rear. Absolutely no issues with these though. Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  6. Use a standard thermostat (no holes drilled in it) and try it. It has to run at the same or higher temperature than the thermostat rating (assuming that the temperature rating of the thermostat is accurate). Marlan Davis recommended a 160 degree high-flow thermostat (Summitt Racing part no. SUM-365-160) to me in the article they did relating to a question I sent in to Hot Rod Magazine on a cooling issue with my car. See the article at the link below. https://www.hotrod.com/articles/stop-hot-day-overheating-on-500hp-ls-engine/ Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  7. DonH, where did you find information that the C7 fan is actually a brushless Spal motor? Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  8. Jon, check out the site linked below for drilled metric bolts. https://drilledheadbolts.com/t/metric-bolts Mike MIleski Tucson, AZ
  9. Here's some 50mm long ones from Z Car Depot. https://zcardepot.com/products/wheel-lug-studs-2-extended-racing-240z-260z-280z# Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  10. Allstar Performance sells one (ALL99050) but it doesn't say what the thread sizes are. I bought some from Techno Toy Tuning several years ago (3/4 inside thread, 1" outside thread) but I don't know if they sell them individually anymore. They're not listed on their site, you need to call and ask. Let us know if you're successful. Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  11. I think Dirty Dingo is making some adapter plates that will mount the newer Gen V LT engines into a car that has mounts for an LS engine. In other words, you would need to buy their LS mounts for our cars (about $160) plus the adapter plates (which are about $60). I would definitely check with them first though, just to make sure I have it right. Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  12. Maybe you could use these? http://www.ictbillet.com/engine-swap-bracket-chevy-sbc-ls-conversion-motor-mount-adapter-adjustable-plate-ls1.html Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  13. Seattlejester, changing the track width isn't why I'm advocating on the car adjustability. It's to allow the person that is performing the alignment the ability to make adjustments without continually disassembling and reassembling things. What would you do if you mounted these Apex arms and find out that you have to lengthen them a little bit in order to get the exact camber angle you want? You'd have to remove the spindle bolt, turn the rod end a few turns, reassemble it and then remeasure. And what if you didn't get it just right? You'd have to do it all over again. If that rod end was on-the-car adjustable, like the ones that TTT has on theirs, you could do it without all the disassembly and reassembly. Make sense? Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  14. In my opinion they missed the boat by not making the stationary outer rod end "on-the-car" adjustable, like both outer rod ends are on the rear TTT arm. Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
  15. I'm reviving this old thread to rave about the new Braille battery I just bought and installed in my 1971 240Z. I recently purchased a GU1R Braille lithium battery, along with a custom Skillard mount, and was able to install it on the floor behind my passenger seat, completely out of sight (see picture). I have the 495 hp version LS3 crate engine in my 240Z (10.7:1 compression ratio). I needed a battery for one of my other cars and decided that, if I took the red top Optima out of my 240Z, I could upgrade to a lithium Braille unit that I've been thinking about since reading this thread four years ago. The Braille is much smaller than the Optima and about 30 pounds lighter. The improvement of the Braille battery was immediately apparent. I have a push button switch that I use to prime my fuel pump before starting the car. When I first pushed this switch after installing the Braille, the fuel pump ran noticeably much faster. Then, when I turned the key, the engine cranked over and started up like it was a small four cylinder. I was immediately impressed. I've started and driven the car several times this past week after installing the Braille and get a warm feeling each time I crank it over. If the other benefits described earlier in this thread are true (long shelf life, long life span, etc.), I now wish I had done this swap years ago. I understand that Braille is replacing the GU1R with the G30 model, which has the same performance specs, but is about an inch shorter and a few ounces lighter. I would highly recommend this to anyone that is considering a battery upgrade. Obviously, it wasn't cheap, Optimas are going for around $200 now and I paid $550 for the Braille from Summit but I feel that the performance, light weight, small size and Braille's clientele and track record justify it. Mike Mileski Tucson, AZ
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