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  1. Sorry about the very late response, I don't come around here very often anymore. I don't know what year my 4L80E is, I am pretty sure I was told it was off of a 3/4 ton truck and it was sitting behind a 454 (which made it a bolt on in my car). I am using the Lokar firewall mount dip-stick for the 4L80E. The cooler fitting should be apparent in it's intended function when you pull it out, mine had a tube that was several inches long reaching into the transmission.
  2. I think we have a winner, wasn't sure how this would be the answer on a carb'ed car but this post seems to confirm NewZed's answer. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/77476-speedometer-question/ I guess it was just a thing for the Hitachi carb'ed cars, as it seems the 70-72's didn't have this box and the 280z's had a similar box with different wiring.
  3. Does anyone know what this is? It is a small box mounted to the back of the speedo. The red wire goes into the speedo next to the high beam indicator light, and I don't know where the yellow wires went as I pig tailed them a long time ago. The outside of the box says "132", inside the clear top I can read "XP-34". The FSM refers to it as a "Switch Element", I am not sure what the heck that means. Thanks!
  4. The Woj


  5. Yeah, I forgot to mention that I clearanced a bit for the plug on the drivers side. Just to reiterate, make sure you use the rear cooler fitting that came with the transmission, otherwise you will be doing a tranny rebuild shortly down the road.
  6. I was the one that purchased the Cable's old BBC-powered 280Z. I initially replaced the TH350 with a 200-4R but quickly asploded my cheap eBay transmission. After talking with Cable, he convinced me to purchase a 4L80E (and got me a hookup from a friend on the actual transmission) and I went to town fitting it. I did not move the engine mounting location at all when installing the transmission, but the transmission mount had to go back several inches. If you look at my mounting plates, I believe the crossmember was on the middle set of bolts and the transmission mount was going through the off
  7. Without searching, I swear this has been discussed here before. Mainly because I remember a short discussion of this car (not realizing up until that point how the exhaust was routed): READING
  8. Found it on eBay, got mine coming. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tomy-Tomica-C-30-Disney-Pixar-Cars-Mahhamatsuo-Datsun-240Z-Standard-Type-/390384067978?pt=Diecast_Vehicles&hash=item5ae4b4258a
  9. The Woj

    Harness Bar

    Bump!!! I am going to make one of these bars to mount 5 pt harnesses in my car until which point I decide to put a cage in. I noticed that the OP used .25" plates for the mounting points, I only have .12" and .33" stock on hand. I spent 1.5 hours making a 14" cut in the .33" steel with a 3" cut off wheel before I decided it was way too thick. It seems to me that .12" would be a good thickness for these mounting plates, especially since they are only mounting to 20ish gauge body steel. Am out of line? Does anyone disagree?
  10. Back when I was doing this, I tried to thread on a nut and pound it with a 5lb sledge to get the spindle moving, here were the results: Ruined my 1/2" 17mm impact socket too I then broke down and bought a puller, here's how the pins came out: I didn't bother trying to unscrew them from the puller, I did the therapeutic thing and just threw the whole thing away to block it from my memories.
  11. While digging some more I found this: Oh well, the prices are fair anyways.
  12. All of the codes I found were from Christmas time, and were thus expired. I read some threads in other forums of people-turned-coupon-beggars and the threads were saying that of late Summit has been more frugal with their discounts of late.
  13. I was wondering if anyone had a Summit coupon code they weren't planning on using? I just figured out that I had turned off their emails to avoid spam, and in so doing was not receiving coupon codes either. I have about $800 in misc. stuff (mostly -AN fittings for 2 fuel systems) and would prefer to save some money if possible. I have had their emails enabled for upwards of a week now hoping I would get something, but I would prefer to pull the trigger sooner rather than later. Please PM me if you have a spare code. Thanks!
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