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  1. price reduced to $500 + shipping!
  2. Final bump, still for sale unless I've updated the thread.
  3. John

    Garrett Turbocharger (1996 7.3)

    Haha it is HUGE!
  4. John

    Garrett Turbocharger (1996 7.3)

    This is Garrett Part # 1822702C92 if you want research it. Compressor A/R is 1.10, Outlet is 1.15. Asking price is $250 plus shipping.
  5. This is a factory Garrett turbocharger that came off of 1996 7.3 liter Ford Power Stroke diesel engine. It was in good working condition when it was taken off of the truck, spins freely by hand, and has minimal shaft play. The engine had roughly 140,000 miles. I know it's nothing Z dedicated, but figured I would post it here in case any one wanted to grab it for a project. Never know! Reply or contact through pm. Thanks for looking!
  6. The I/C was fabricated at a custom shop to fit the dimensions of the Z, so it doesn't actually have a brand.
  7. Thanks for the comment! Wish I could weld like that.
  8. Price reduced to $600! (plus shipping)*
  9. Forgot to specify: Hot side tubing is 2.5" diameter, cold side tubing is 3" diameter. IC is 27" wide, 11.25" tall, 3" thick.
  10. I have a same-sided inlet/outlet intercooler designed for an s30 (L28), and tig-welded piping also custom made to fit on an s30. The welds are gorgeous, the pictures don't do them much justice. This is a great setup, and i hate to get rid of it, but my plans have changed. The IC, piping, and BOV are all BRAND NEW and have NEVER been installed on a vehicle. The BOV that will come with the piping does not have a brand name, and I couldn't tell you what brand it is. I also have the throttle body from a KA24de (240sx), with the TPS and plug still attached. I'm asking $700 (shipped) for the entire setup. I will sell the throttle body separate if someone wishes. The IC, piping, and BOV will be sold as one, of course, with no exception. Reply or PM me with any questions. Thanks! John