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  1. I thought I was the only one with XXR 513's but aparently not. The front fit almost perfect but the rears could be a little more flush, I might buy a small spacer. Here they are in silver...
  2. I am attempting to polish the lip on a set of Advan Oni's. I started with 220 grit then worked my way up to 1000. After wetsanding with 1000 it was still leaving massive swirl marks. I then tried both 1500 and 2500 and even then there are still swirl marks after almost and hour of sanding. I'm not sure what to do at this point, I'm about ready to give up and just order some Sportmax's. Thank you, Rob
  3. thanks will do, Im going to try to get to the junk yard so I can hack up a dizzy shaft to hook up to my drill and hopefully try to prime the pump a little better that way.
  4. hmm, sounds reasonable. Im going to try one more thing and if it doesnt work.. then Im going to start by removing the timing cover and go from there. thanks rob
  5. OTM, I feel pretty stupid but I forgot that I had bumped the car foward in gear so the distributor was actually in the correct place:twak: But I'm still not getting oil pressure. I filled both holes on the oil pump with oil and spun the shaft around a few times, everything apeared to be working perfectly. I put it back in with oil in it and with the new gasket. I also filled the oil filter and pumped oil into the sending unit hole. And still after all this I am not getting any oil pressure. I removed the sending unit and cranked the car and not a drop came out of the port? No oil is making its way into the head either. At this point I am completely bewildered as to why Im not getting any oil? Could it be something with the pump itself? It worked fine before I changed the head gasket. I dont see how the strainer for sump could be clogged or any of the passages if it was all fine before removing the head? thanks for the help
  6. Thanks for the help. I had also noticed that my gasket was torn up pretty bad so I figured maybe it was sucking in air or something. But most likely by big problem was not having enough oil in the pump. My new gasket came in today so I took out the pump, primed it and put it back in. I didnt attempt to start it because I may have messed up my timeing. With the timing mark on the crank pulley at 0 and at TDC the rotor in the distributor isnt pointing at the plug for the #1 cylinder, but instead its rotated a little bit clockwise. I thought at TDC on the compression stroke all cars should have the rotor pointing to #1? thanks for all your help rob
  7. wow, I really like how those look with the tree in the center. Im going to start asking around to see if anyone around here is talented enough to do something like that for me. My logo that says... Advan Racing Oni, is cut into the wheel so I wouldnt have to worry. And like you said the white does look better. I had some S-A3As with a white center that I really liked but they were 5 lug and TT tuning stopped making 5 lug adapters. I would probably do the centers white with the paint scheme and leave my outer lip polished. As for spacers I already talked to Techno Toy Tuning and once I finishing cleaning up these wheels and get my tires mounted Ill see exactly what size spacer is needed. thanks rob
  8. LT1.. I had already ground down the socket and luckily mine only cost $4:) Wizard.. Maybe I shouldnt say Im looking for the best, but the most cost effective that wont rust. At over $5 a bolt I couldnt afford that since I need 120!!!
  9. Thanks for the pictures those wheels look great, and they look almost Identical to my Oni's. The designs on the center look amazing, something like I would want to do eventually but I'm not that talented. Like yours the center doesnt actually come out. I'm just taking the bolts out because the nuts/washers aren't stainless and are severely rusted. Im not worried about painting too much. The centers are in pretty good shape and the outside lip is going to be polished. Although after I wire wheel the inside I may paint them with that same duplicolor wheel coating to prevent any problems
  10. These are two peice wheels, they dont affect holding air but they just hold the center to the out part of the rim. I bought a Torx socket that works. Its not a perfect fit but its extremely close. I think its actually some other type of fastener they may not be used in this country? I plan on using the best hardware I can but I will definately need new washers and nuts. The main reason Im taking them out is because the nuts/washer are so coroded seeing as there not stainless. What kind of coating should be used on the new nuts I buy. I remember somone saying something about not using stainless washers on aluminum because when they are mixed they corode very quickly? I want something that will never rust again. The bolt itself is stainless so they could probably be used again. thanks for the help rob
  11. I think that may be exactly it. After I finally get them all out what would be best to replace them with? I certainly dont want to use those again. Would Allen head bolts work well thanks
  12. I'm trying to figure out what kind of bolt head this is on my Advan wheels, I'v never seen it before and need to find a socket to remove the rest of them. any help would be apreciated.
  13. Veritech, I just realized you dont even have Advan's so disregaurd my last post.
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