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  1. http://www.racingjunk.com/post/1068347/Datsun-Z-Race-Car-with-trailer-included-.html
  2. we have another Z at the shop we are focusing on now. It will be a full tube chassis with a bigger motor..
  3. alright guys, so I won't be able to race on PINKS ALL OUT due to some technical issues. Altough, I uploaded some new pictures
  4. $20 to watch the show, $43 to race.. so $20 more to run 2-3 times and a chance to win $10,000.
  5. thanks again. The frame was custom made by a local shop. The backhalf is tied up with the front unibody and is braced with custom subframes along the car. I am currently running a ladder bar setup and will convert to a 4-link in the near future. 12 was adj. shocks in the back, 31 splines somer bros axles with 4.88 gears. Tires are MT's 29.5x10.5x15. draglites are tubeless and have been drilled and screwed. i'll keep you guys posted on the et's and feel free to ask me any questions.
  6. thanks guys, alot of tears and blood went to this project, but it was well worth the satisfaction.
  7. Guys and Girls, I've been waiting for 2 years to post this. I finally finished the car. I already got my first sponsor from a local brake shop without even racing the car at the drag strip yet.. I would like to thank JNJ Racing, Jon from Phillips Performance, and Doc. You guys are great and I appreciate your help and advices. The car is backhalfed with a ford 9", 4.88 gears, TH350 built tranny by Coan Racing, 9" 4500 converter by Coan with a trans brake (trans is rated to 1500 HP). All Aeromotive Fuel System backed up by the A1000 pump and Adj. fuel pressure reg., -8AN lines to the reg. and back to the cell. Cutsom made for the car, a Griffin 3 row aluminum radiator, B&M tranny cooler with -8AN lines to the tranny. Billet aluminum Meizere water pump and a 4500 cfm electric fan. MSD Ignition, Custom made long tube design headers (jet hot coated), and much more... Motor is a 400 SBC, original 2 bolt main bored to 4.165 inched modified with Cat billet steel splayed 21 degree 4 bolt main caps/ angle cut/ arp main studs. Block - magnaflux inspected/ decked .010 to zero piston deck height. Forged 4340 Eagle steel crankshaft rated to 1200 HP and 10,000 RPM, 6" 4340 steel rods, Forged ultralight pistons, stepped dish with valve relifes. Rings - TSI Race Rings, AFR 210 Racing Heads and a matched AFR intake manifold. Demon Carb. and all Lokar cable assem., Milodon oiling system, all ARP! Here is the best part, before we put the motor into the car, we dynoed it, and it made at 7200 RPM - 625 HP at 10.6:1 CR! 91 octane baby.. I will be participating at the next PINKS ALL OUT episode in Las Vegas. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to pm me.
  8. Nice job Doc, the grille looks like the same custom grille that my fabricator created for my Z. It will be out of the paint booth soon and I will post some pics.
  9. I went to SEMA show today, and I met this guy at the Nitrous Express booth. We started talking about drag racing, and I told him about my Z, so he told me to go to the YearOne website and check out his 74 260Z's record. He said that the best 1/4 run he got out of the car was a 7.80 http://www.yearone.com/news.asp?nsl=1&nslSEC=10&nslURL=http://www.yearone.com/Articles/news_dp.asp?AID=126
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