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  1. Congratulations John and Jerry on your 5.58 at 130mph in the 1/8th mile and we know there is a lot more left in the car .. Before you run that beast of a Z through the ¼ mile you might want to install a wing ( for the down force ) and a parachute ( to help get her stopped) as mid to low 8’s at 165 to 170mph is right around the corner… It just shows what a lot of hard work , and a little bit of money can do when you guys built it yourselves. Your Z looks great and runs killer fast...Keep up the good work with your Z !!!!!!!!!
  2. John and Jerry. You guys have been working hard and it's looking Good!!!! I know you guys cain't wait to get the Beast to the track and see what she can do in the 1/4 mile!!!! Jon
  3. From the home of 1 QUICK Z (Jon and Regina Phillips) we would like to tell everyone to have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving with all your family and friends!!! Always remember that if times are tough and hard that we always have a lot to be thankful for. We have shoes on our feet, clothes on our back , a roof over our heads , food to eat and most of all we always have Family and Friends.. “Happy Thanksgivingâ€
  4. (Quote) Can I get a couple of bulbs or car links. Are you kidding, I’m the one that will need some car lengths or spot on the tree with that Beast you and John are building!! Maybe if you take one or both of them Big Turbo’s off we might run heads up LOL!! I hope that you and John are doing well. It looks like you guys at J&J Drag Racing ( John and Jerry ) have been working hard on your Z by changing engine combos and going to Twin Turbo’s, Your Z is looking Great, Keep up the good work and keep us posted!! I think you guys will need your pilots license when you get done with your Z ,as It’s Going to Fly!!!!! P.S. I sort of went swimming with my phone and lost all of my phone numbers LOL!! Give me a call on my cell when you get a chance 1-423-388-0016 Thanks, Jon
  5. Here is another view of the " Little Tire Z" with a Go Pro mounted on the front fender on a 8.77 1/4 pass at the Virginia Laser Shoot Out.. http://youtu.be/3pBBP7Q6HJo 8.77 1/4 mile ET
  6. I have Hoosier Quick Time Pros 27x10.5x15 D.O.T's but the tread width is only 9'' wide. I'll post up a build sheet on the Z. Thanks Jon
  7. Here is another Video from www.Race This.com that has the "Little Tire Z" in it.
  8. This is a video that Frankie Estep Owner of www.RaceThis.com ( the guy in the black shirt and cowboy hat in the video) put together for all the racers at Bristol Dragway Check It Out..
  9. I know that I have not been on here in a while but here are some Up Dates from 1 QUICK Z from TENNESSEE We had not raced the Little Tire Z since 2009. And we only raced the Big Tire Z at a few selected races in 2010 and had a descent year with it Winning the Spring Virginia Laser Shootout, Running in Pinks All Out {Quick 16} at Bristol, and running in the True Street 8 secound index at Super Chevy. Due to our business being slow at Phillips Performance the winter of 2010 and a slow in 2011 with no extra spending budget for racing, we did not race either Z the spring and summer of 2011. I was about to go crazy not getting to race any and we finally worked up enough budget for a couple of races in the Little Tire Z . We stepped up the tune-up on the Z to try and get it to go a little faster than the 8.80’s we had ran when we were either doing Wheelies or breaking half shafts when we launched on the IRS. We ran Sept 9, 2011 in the Biggest Race of the Year the Virginia Laser Crazy 8 Ball Race and Won! Running some consistent high 8.7’s during the race, And we Won our match race with a mustang 8.795 at 160.29 to a 8.838 at 152.97 We then went to race Super Chevy Sept 23,24 and 25th 2011 at Bristol running in the 8 second True Street class ( driving in a 30 mile cruse and running 3 back to back passes) We ran our Quickest Pass to date with a 5.67 et at 127.53mph in the 1/8 and 8.74 et at 160.02mph in the 1/4 and that’s babying it out of the hole with only a 1.39 60ft A lap around Bristol with 1 QUICK Z 8.74 pass at Super Chevy http://www.youtube.c...player_embedded Go Pro mounted on the front fender on a 8.77 1/4 pass I think we have come a long way with the Little Tire Z and it has went faster than I ever expected it to with a 9’’ D.O.T. tire, IRS rear End and at 3200lbs with driver. P.S. I have up loaded a lot of 1 QUICK Z videos under { Z Videos } 1 QUICK Z Sponsors www.Ferguson.com / Joe Grandy www.ModernMotorsports.com / Ross Corrigon www.NitrousExpress.com / Mike Wood www.Borla.com / Marian Juszak www.CompetitionTransmission / Carl Ettipio www.DiamondRacing.com / Ron Beaubien www.TotalSeal.com / Kevin Studaker www.FJORacing.com / Gerald OBerBuchner www.CompCams.com / Chris Mays www.MSDIgnition.com / Todd Ryden www.FlatoutGroup.com / Mark Adelizzi www.HighVelocityHeads.com / Joe Petelle Robinson Race Engines and Machine shop / Joey Robinson www.VPRacingfuels.com / Jason Rychart
  10. Virginia Laser Crazy 8 Ball Race
  11. Virginia Laser Crazy 8 Ball Race
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