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  1. Car is a 78 280z. I ripped out all the connections with the new speedo and the car still would not shut off but the key was reading 0 and 12v at where I have my switched power spliced in for MS when I turned the key to the off position. Today I pulled out the whole dash and started testing the wires individually. Everything was fine including the wire I have switched power for while I turned the key. Only things not hooked up were MS and the assortment( fuel pump, injectors, O2, ect.). My wires are too short to reach the fuse block and MS. I have the little amp box thing (68600 AJ5000) that was wired into the odometer removed, but I can't see why that would be causing the engine to not shut off once running because it isn't completing any circuit.
  2. So I just installed a speedhut gps speedo and everything went great. That is until I tried to turn the car off once it was started. For some reason, the car simply wont turn off now the new gauge is installed without me pulling the power to MS directly. I hooked up the white wires to one of the old illumination light wires, the ground to ground of the rheostat. Left and right turn signals up to old left and right turn signal lights. And 12v to a direct line from the battery(with inline fuse). High beam I left unhooked until I could figure out what wire was the switch for it since the light in the gauge always has 12v going to it. Has anyone heard of this or might have an idea what might be causing it? Oh before this the car worked normal and other than the key not turning anything off, still works normal
  3. so no one has this head anymore then?
  4. So I was looking around, trying to find more information about the heads, cams, and so on, and then I came across the P99. Seems like its somewhat accepted as being real and external wise, identical to the P90a. As Tony said though in another post to make this one different than the 90a. Has anyone that has had this head done anything to it to know the difference? Like chop it up into tiny pieces for the purpose of furthering scientific understanding/ understanding WHAT THE HELL IS THE DIFFERENCE?????? Also, does anyone have a picture to look at. I know its the same externally, but doesn't hurt to see a LEGIT picture.
  5. Well I'm in the middle of putting my na vg in the 280 just so I can run the car for the moment. But yeah, the external side is basically all done for doing the l28. After all I DID have it turbod. And my ms is set up for it as well
  6. If I wasn't on an out of state college budget... I could see me doing something like an LS or 2jz swap... Just trying to work with what I have.
  7. One thing I would like to add about pump gas that I was informed about was that oct 87 is never really that rating. A test was done on the different octane ratings from different gas stations. The results from 87 were crazy. It was found that some stations had gas that had an actual rating of 12 less than 87!!! On a side note, the test also showed that the higher octane rated gases were closer to their real rating. Anyways, back to the real discussion at hand
  8. I have a feeling it was more towards the side of not cooling off, around that time my afr started to bounce a bit. Also when we took the injectors off the rail, that injectors was full of crap that you could see on the filter screen on top. We also too a look at the piston rings to see what they could tell us. It was kinda melted to the piston at the spot where the piston melted. But I shall not dismiss the idea of detonation and look more into it. I look around and see what I can find out about getting the 2003 version of the book and give it a read. At what point did you decide to switch up to the ka? Been wondering how much longer my stock will hold up and need to upgrade/replace it. Not a whole lot of info that I can find anyways about the stock trans.
  9. So I take it your running the stock transmission then Tony? Lol I'm not an expert, nor have I started any auto mechanical engineering classes yet, but the differences in the t and NA block for cr are only slightly off from each other in the case that 8:2?, is still fairly low and not anywhere close to the 10 that giving the engine flattops give it.. in fact, as far as block goes, the head is where the real difference is for cr. Might be wrong about this though, been working triple shifts at work along with schooling the past 3 days so my brain is pretty fried right now. But if I am, sure you guys will correct me, or just pretend this section of the post never happened. I supported my turbo and tuned carefully until greed hit me and I stop paying attention to the engine... The car made it down to FL and back to MD, hell I lived down in Florida for 3 months and was using the car as a DD and made long trips down in FL...Just saying. I'm sure iv said this before and sure others will agree that this is probably the case... Detonation Did Not Cause My Piston To Melt!!!! Detonation=something went boom Melting piston=something wasn't cooling that cylinder, at all... On a side note to my original thread before this gets moved and changes into something else... Right now I think I'm going to test my VG swap and see how I like it. If I like how the car feels with the better center of gravity that much, then ill build it up. If not, go back to the L28, slightly modify the externals a bit more for a more reliable setup, bore the block so its useable again, and so on
  10. or in my case, a melted piston... Like I said though, whole nother story Tony, what transmission are you using on your engine?
  11. Being that the externals are already done for the l28, it would make everything a lot easier...
  12. I was talking to blozup on his instal. I'll take a look at that sticky next. Not going to lie, Megasquirt and I have a love hate type of relationship... The L28 was a stock NA for everything inside the block and head. Outside was all custom to some degree. The melted piston could of came from a number of reasons, not to say the turbo didnt help push things along faster... Over all my main reason for even thinking about keeping the L28 is simplicity and knowledge. They are fairly easy engines to work on, and I know a lot more about them than the VGs.
  13. Internals in both engines would be replaced to fit the build, na internals for na and turbo internals for turbo... ill be using megasquirt 2 since I have it. The reason I'm I'm asking about these 2 engines is becuase its what I have to work with. BTW, the l28e can hold a lot more boost stock internals than what people give credit... I turboed mine 15 lb of boost. Was my dd and Made a trip down to FL from MD and back with no problem, wasn't till I went to 20lb did a piston melt. But the reason for that is a whole nother story. Pharaohabq- I'm intrested to see how much difference I feel in the car with a better center of gravity with this VG once its in... Not to worried about custom fab the downpipe and what not. Did it once, can do it again. Also I didn't think about mapping with the VG and how it might be easier. Howler, why is it the you put l28s into those cars?
  14. I won't, but I'm looking more for what you guys would do. As in which motor would you build up and would it be a na or turbo build up
  15. Lol I do. Made my own full 3" exhaust system inc downpipe for the l28. And a few other things
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