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  1. fwiw.. I've heard the LQ4/9 is a great platform for boost. Search on here there are several members boosting these engines.
  2. aSpiffyMofo

    wiring for 260z v8 swap

    Read! Read all of the threads here and on other forums until you don't have to ask that question anymore.
  3. aSpiffyMofo

    t-56 information needed

    Found a sort of "T56 for dummies" thread at ls1tech.com Differences between LT1 / LS1 / Viper T56's w/ pics Are All T56's Created Equal? - LS1Tech.com
  4. aSpiffyMofo

    Post pics of your z's here!!

    Old: '80 280zx - Sold New: '74 260Z - Single SU draw through turbo
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  6. aSpiffyMofo

    Should I? or shouldn't I?

    I like it! Personally I would put it on for a while and see if it grows on me or drives any different. I'm a Porsche guy so I'm partial to the whale tails though. Where did friend get it/ where could I get one of these? I was originally looking at the ZCC spoilers for my 260 but I like the looks of yours. I think it might go even better with a wide body rear. Other whale tails: From this thread: And a zx on this thread: